TSN reports that the Hamilton Tiger Cats FORCED Chris Williams to go to the NFL.


Rod Black is the most clueless commentator ever on TV! Even worse than Glenn Healy!

What a Jackass!

I just found out today that Luke Tasker is the son of Stevie Tasker from the Buffalo Bills :lol:

Rod is great describing figure skating sadly he has little knowledge about football. I have to agree.

first the call of a devastating hit on Masoli that was a lower leg injury
followed by the 10 yard NO YARDS call
yes...Rod Black is a weak play by play guy

Yes, he said it again but I think we can let this one slide as I figure he said it due to the game being broadcast on ESPN.

Now, the Williams statement about him being forced by the Ticats to go to the NFL??? WOW!

How could anyone calling themselves a ticat fan not have known this year's ago!

Lol, If you are referring to my Luke Tasker post, I was joking, putting the laugh icon should have been an indication of my sarcasm.