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Ok ok, I know I got probably a few people looking at this shaking their heads, but in honour of Turkey I thought I would mix it up a little bit.


According to valid sources in Toronto courtesy of Marty York, Danny Machochia before realizing he had maintained full coaching duties of the Eskimoes was out job hunting. Upon job hunting a job application was found, handed in, and accepted by ENP inc. (Elves of the North Pole) as well as a training video was leaked When questioned if this was just an off season move tinkerbe... errr Danny stated "The CFL is a business. A job opportunity came up almost immediately, I easily met height restrictions and was told I was a perfect candidate for the job. I look forward to a busy offseason and will keep my eyes peeled for any possible football talent I may run into on my stay in the North" Mark Cohon is currently in talks with the Jolly St. Nick for a possible expansion team in the North, but until more credible details on the situation are uprooted not much can be said.

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Marty "the maniac" York

Don't pick on Machocka, he's a nice, sweet guy... :cowboy:

Unfortunately, 'nice' and 'sweet' don't win you football games! :smiley:

Nice bit of trolling is it not chief.

Not sure I follow you, 05, but it's nice to see you're not holding a grudge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chief one thing you will learn about me I do not hold grudges. But I find that everyone jumps on posters for trolling so I thew my hat into the ring. I know it was probably done in jest but trolling is trolling right. As long as DM is in Edmonton everyone except the Eskies will make the playoffs. :lol:

Well, it's the holiday season, I'm sure we can let this post slip through the cracks. :smiley:

Typical. Maybe you missed this Chief…but this is precisely what I’ve been blabbering about for the better part of a day now.

Go ahead…let it slip. It’s all good…it’s the holiday season after all…ya big jolly idiot.

We can let that slip too, right? Hey…it is the holiday season after all.

Weren't you going on earlier about how people are whining too much? What do you think you're doing right now?

The fact is this post is funny and it isn't attacking anyone except Danny M.

Get over it... :roll:

I didn't like this thread....didn't find it that funny. nice to see the effort to lighten things up is there though, that's always appreciated.