Breaking News!!!

The CFL has decided to rename the Canadian Football League to the Constant Flag League. This was necessary due to the never ending flag throwing by the incompetent CFL refs.

The CFL has also decided that fans will now be given flags to throw as well! The new Constant Flag League will now have the refs, coaches and fans all throwing flags to increase viewer enjoyment of the game.

Seriously, I am sick of watchinh the CFL these days, pick a game any game, thier all flag fests. Why don't the refs ease up on some of the pidley calls and stop squeezing the life and flow from these games!!!

I agree with you but for every "let them play thread"...there will be a "complain about the non-calls thread"!

Before you get all hot under the collar and jump to irrational conclusions, how about actually looking at the numbers?

Not including todays games there have been 1180 penalties in 59 games.

That's an average of 20 per game or 5 per quarter of play. FIVE PER QUARTER.

Doesn't seem like so many now does it?

Penalties per team:

170 Montreal

161 Toronto

169 Hamilton

138 winnipeg

104 Saskatchewan

174 Calgary

144 Edmonton

120 BC

Most Penalties, Both Teams, Regular Season Game:

46 - Winnipeg (19) at Hamilton (27) (July 9, 1992)
41 - Edmonton (21) at Montreal (20) (Aug. 2, 2002)
41 - Hamilton (23) at Ottawa (18) (Aug. 19, 2004)
40 - Edmonton (18) at Calgary (22) (Sept. 2, 1991)
40 - Saskatchewan (23) at Edmonton (17) (July 15, 1992)
40 - British Columbia (24) at Calgary (16) (July 21, 1995)

Source, all stats,

I don't care about your numbers. The flow of the games has been choked off. After a great play I don't go GREAT PLAY! I wonder where the flag is.

Todays Bomber/Stamp game had close to or over 30 penalties. THIRTY!! c'mon you think thats what the fans are paying for.

Again for every person who thinks there are too many...there is someone who will complain about non-calls.

Where do you draw the line on a penality.
If he is offside he is offside. PI is PI!

Seriously I feel all the calls today were warranted. The STamps need to cut down on the penalties. Jay MacNeil was horrible today.

Thirty equals one call every 2.5 minutes by the clock. You must be speed watching the game on your Tivo.

Offside is offside, but PI is not necessarily PI.
Way to many bad calls AND even non-calls regarding PI.
Call the offsides, but let them play!
It really isn't about too many, or too few.
It is about consistancy.
And if you get consistancy from the refs, there will be fewer penalties because if the players know what they can and cannot do, they'll adjust.
But when from play to play the rule seems to change.....

I'm not talking about the off sides or the very BLACK and WHITE calls. I'm talking about the very suttle jersey grab or innocent bump away from the play. There seems to be way too many of those.

Theres enough flags thrown on legit calls, they don't need to add more for every little indiscretion. Not to mention some of the brutal pass interfernce calls I've seen this year.

Go Stamps!

Correct if I'm wrong, did the Stamps not have close to 20-22 penalties and the Bombers 8?

What has Tivo got to do with anything Einstein need for name calling 67...I was there, the penalties were warranted, both sides....I'll tell ya, I am more po'd with TV time outs than penalties...

Are you kidding me RW " no need for name calling" you're the biggest offender on the forumn for that.

Climb down off your cross RW, someone needs the wood (-:

with all due repsect of course.

Sorry, that must have been the beer talking.

Its all good boys.

...excuse me?...where have I named called?...., missed your apology...its good...

LOLOLOLO, hahah, wait I'm choking on my tongue, quick someone call a doctor, I feel I feel faint......................................

Just wait 5 minutes and you'll see.hehe

Ok maybe not so much name calling as degrading inuendo.

Yah the Stamps are the most penalized team in the league. Must be the refs.

I wasn't referring to the Stamps and/or this game in particular. I was referring to any CFL game you watch. I like the CFL but not the direction the referring is heading. Its as if the refs are scared and calling anything and everything.

As RW stated earlier the Stamps took some bad ones today, but 30 bad ones by both teams?

Hey rpaege, how do you think the Eskies have been treated by the refs this year? Are you happy with referring?

Why do I have a feeling you are confusing RedWhite2005 with RedandWhite.
Not that either of them would ever name call....