BREAKING NEWS! TO adds TO to neg list!

DALLAS, Texas (AP) -
Word has come out of Dallas that the Toronto Argonauts will add Terrell Owens to their negotiation list as of 6pm Eastern time today.

Word out of the NFL is that the disgruntled Cowboys reciever is going to have a drug suspension placed upon him by the league for his recent abuse of painkillers, and thus will be able to seek employment in other leagues in the interim.

Owens can be seen here talking to Keith Pelley, President and CEO of the Argonauts… who came to visit him after his release from hospital.
:lol: Too funny!

I also got a kick out of this I have to admit.

I do not believe he breached their code of ethics as far as the drug he was taking were in fact prescribed by the team doctor! The problem is he mistakenly forgot he took the intial dose! Also apparently he had an alergic reaction one or the two. But no breach! The Cowboys would be smart to turf him though! If he did this just for publicity which I feel this is what it is all about then boot him now! :lol:
The Argos the team of cons! ha ha ha The NFL Rehab team!

And if this the case, I could imagine the facial expression when "Pelley" told Kent Austin, "YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!"

did TO really need any publicity?

Fisrt Ricky Williams now Terell Owens. Someone needs to stop these bums from coming to CFL.

here's the problem.

the CFL has already said that they are creating a rule that they will not allow players with Drug related suspensions to be able to play in the CFL. Williams is the last!

:thup: :rockin:

thank the pigskin gods

Toronto said they needed an offensive councillor not a player...

Let him play in the CFL...the headlines in the Newspapers across the country will read...NFL star "Owens" has been shutdown by CFL DB's...Go CFL..

Its all a moot point, because the drugs he took were perscription, he just took a bad mix of his meds and supplements. NFL wont ban him for that-- unless they institute a stupidity policy....

The NFL can't institute a stupidity policy ... to follow it would lead to suspension of at least half the players ...

...I love Parcell's reaction to this fiasco when asked if TO would play this weekend he said he wanted a physical and mental assessment of Owens on his desk before deciding....

the als were gonna add him to their neg list but they deicded to stop signing guys that can catch the ball and run fast instead theyre gonna look for a weakside linebacker for depth from the nfl

ok, I wasn't happy when Ricky claim to play, but it bought us good attension for the US media, but now I have to draw the line! I mean, why sign another bad NFL apple? and one that almost killed himself none the less (at least RW knows his limits)

what the heck is Toronto thinking?

If that's the case, does this mean we won't be seeing you in a CFL, let alone Argo, uniform anytime soon? :twisted:

I was talking about Terel Owens, fomer Philly star gone bad to Dallas.

and I can tell ya what, if RW hasn’t been good this year, TO will be wrose.