**BREAKING NEWS - Tillman named officially, and Printers

The Saskatchewan website www.riderville.com apparently leaked who the G.M will be before officially announcing the signing.

Now I know that Eric Tillman will be the G.M. because he and members of the Riders told me but I was told and then later shown under football operations that a picture of Eric Tillman was shown with his name under G.M and a brief bio.

I then took a peak which was about 2 hours later, and it was removed.

Now the news on Printers hasn't changed. I have spoken to members of the CFL and they have indicated to me that the agent for Casey Printers has told them, and CFL scouts who have been around wisonsin during training camp that he has been told by the Chiefs that they would like him to stay around the team through the season to see him develop in the Chiefs offense, and apparently he is not wanting to do this.

So Casey might be released, or even possibly traded.

I spoke to someone just recently as of today, and they feel that Casey will be released within a week.