BREAKING NEWS: Season seat holders to receive 15% off


Great news for season seat holders in 2017! In addition to the MyTix Ticket Exchange program announced earlier this offseason, we’re pleased to share another fantastic benefit for our most loyal group of fans. In partnership with Levy Restaurants, the Tiger-Cats will provide a 15% discount* for season seat holders on food and non-alcoholic beverages at permanent concessions for all Tiger-Cats home games this season.

Securing your discount is simple! All you have to do is swipe your 2017 Ticats All Access card at the point of sale at any of the nine permanent concession stands at Tim Hortons Field (your 2017 Ticats All Access card will arrive in your mailbox in early June ). In addition to your discount, you will also accumulate Ticats All Access yards to redeem on prizes and experiences. Each season ticket account will automatically receive one All Access card, but additional cards can be requested up to the number of seats purchased on each individual account.

For a complete list of season seat holder benefits, click here . If you have any questions, or are interested in finding out more details about Tiger-Cats season seats, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our customer service representatives at 905-547-2287 or ... ve-15-off/

15% off crappy food still equals crappy food. :thdn:


I know that they received a lot of negative feedback on the food options. Hopefully this 15% is just the start of some kind of change. Its something. I'll take it because its something, but they really need to improve quality and options.

:rockin: save 15% off a boiled hotdog ya baby! Last season I had to take a half cooked hotdog back as it was still frozen inside! They can't even cook a hotdog !

You guys never met my mother-in-law. It doesn't have to be good, and it doesn't have to be something you need or even want. If it is on sale, buy it!

Does this mean there will also be an unannounced across-the-board 15% increase to concession prices?

You know, I don't think the Ticat organization really gets how much people are peeved at the concessions ever since the opening. It was bad during PanAm and every season since opening, The Billy Talent concert, soccer and rugby will confirm this once more. UNLESS THEY DO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT it will again be terrible food. A 15% discount is not how to fix this. Get rid of the current contract....bring in food truck vendors like they did in Guelph if they have was WAY better than THF currently is.

The more dates they add to HTF (soccer, rugby, concerts) the more leverage they have with the concession company. Use this leverage to fix it once and for all.

I got the email about the 15% discount and thought "Ah, now we can have another thread complaining about the food at THF!" and sure enough, here we are..

I agree with Lenny - "I don't think the Ticat organization really gets how much people are peeved at the concessions ever since the opening." It is such overpriced garbage.

15% off is lipstick on a pig. No thanks.

I insist value for my hard earned money. We usually eat before the game somewhere other than the stadium food. I have complained......didn't do much good. I am surprised the Denningers food tastes that bad compared to their stores.

Awesome...I look forward to my FOUR cards coming with my FOUR season seats this year.


Ya right 4 cards for 4 seasons...that would make sense.

They rebuilt the stadium but kept the same crappy food that was in the freezers of the old stadium. I have had food over the past few season but will not have any more in the future.

13 in my case...

i would have settled for same the same old concessions and been happy. The new ones have been worse with less options.

If it was 15% off alcoholic beverages then maybe it would be a good deal. But that is the number one money maker.

If it's not good then don't buy it.

Your purchase tells the vendor that you are satisfied with what they make.

Nothing sends a clearer message then no sales.

Nothing is more important to a company than profit.

NOTHING will change until then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!