BREAKING NEWS -- report Tiger Cats release star player

It is official release from the CFL, that they have formerly agreed with new ownership. It is not Eugene Melnyk, or Less Sterling.

It will be focused with a large group but will be operated mainmy by 2 individuals.

I have spoken to people close to the situation and they told me that they have plans to redevelop the area, and the city is a big part of the plans, and reason these owners wan't to take over the Ottawa footbal team.

Another suggestion regarding facility use is that Eugene Melynk may be involved in a small way, in building a football stadium near the Scotiabank centre.

These owners will not be officially presented untill after the Grey Cup or possibly labour day weekend.

Ya right!

Ya, that's some "breaking news" all right. Go lie compulsively somewhere else.

Who the hell is Less Sterling?

A new football stadium in Kanata even tho Melynk involved in a small way?

What area of Lansdowne w/b redeveloped?

So announcement w/b GC week or if not, three mtghs before. Way to narrow it down.

Do you even think before you post this drivel. A five year-old can figure out the numerous lapses of logic in your posts.

If you've been speaking to anyone, it's been in your head.

Oh, and pay att'n to your thread titles before posting them.

Not that it will give you credibility.