*BREAKING NEWS* REAL reason McMahon's a CFL bigwig revealled

This just in to the Mongo Sports Network newsroom...

Our inside sources have discovered a leak from CFL headquarters in Toronto that the person who frequents their website's message forums under the username "McMahon" has been using phony credentials to find his way into the league offices.

Seeking precedent from an 18-year old who recently has been charged for impersonating an NBC employee in order to get press access into the New York Mets' locker room, "McMahon", real name Heywood Jablome, had forged the employee identification badge of Lonie Gliebermann in order to uncover alleged insider information from the CFL top brass.

One employee, who wished to remain anonymous, stated to MoSN reporter, Trisha Takanawa,

"We have seen this guy come into the offices and rifling through the filing cabinets, looking for important and classified information. But on further reflecton, since he claimed to be Mr. Gliebermann, he was probably trying to find the contact information for Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas."

Stay tuned for more updates on this breaking story...

....it all makes perfect sense now.....


any film at 11?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good one Mongo.

Trust me, ro, if there was any film involving Lonie, it would have either a laugh track or a genre of cheesy 70's music accompanying it.

I would bet a film involving Lonie would have the background music of a porn flick... :lol:

Hence,the "genre of cheesy 70's music" reference, sambo.

Isnt most of the 70's music cheesy?

To a degree, yes. But the porno background music was what I was going for. (and for the rasslin' fans out there, didn't the original nWo black & white theme sound like it was lifted from one?)