BREAKING NEWS : QB Casey Printers will be traded

Vanouver TEAM 1040 is reporting that Casey Printers camp told them, and the Province that Casey Printers will be traded most likely by Labour Day.

Rick Ball said that the Roughriders may have been the first suitors offering Kenton Keith, Jamal Richardson, Paul McCallum, 1st round pick for Casey Printers, Duncan O'Mahony.

They discussed later that the Toronto Argonauts offered Michael Fletcher for Barrin Simpson last week, and the offer is still on the table.

Jason Medlock was a guest, and in last weeks article he mentioned that Casey and Dave can be on the same team for this season, but today said that there is a good chance of him being traded real soon.

don't know if this is true (sounds similar to a turkeybend post, or a Marty York news release) But if it is and The Riders get him, WOW, I would be one happy happy happy, Rider fan

thank you that is all

Sure sounds like a York report alright. How would anyone else know that without the Lions telling them? And why would they need to give up O'mahoney along with Printers?? As if Printers by himself couldn't get those others mentioned . An why would the Lions need any of those other players mentioned?? Who would they replace?? Keith bump Warren ?? Ha , not likely.

One thing to note, Wally Bouno isn't much of a trader , can't remember the last time he's done it. And he definately wants to keep Printers around for the playoffs. Lions don't NEED any trades , Wally has always shown that he can find players without having to go that route , that's one reason for his success . So don't believe it.

I’m not going to get my hopes up. I can’t see the Lions trading a star QB to a rival. And the lions are pretty tight at running back with Warren. Of course I’d love to see it but I’ll have to see it to believe it.

really?! Printers too be traded?! never saw that one coming, he was only MOP last year playing on a team he wont start with....

I wouldn't say it would never happen, as never is a ong, long time, but the Team 1040 has David Pratt who is the West Coast version of Marty York. TSN has not reported this yet and I put a lot more faith in them than the Team 1040. With Glen Suitor residing out here in North Vancouver, I would expect TSN to break the story before Team-1040.

Hmmm, maybe Turkeybend is really David Pratt.

I cant see how that trade benefits BC in any way, people must really think Wally is a fool.

I just checked the score for the last half hour, and there is nothing regarding a possible trade.

If Team-1040 had this "announcement" around 3:00, Pacific time, then the announcement is nothing more than a David Pratt BS story.

Fletcher for Simpson. I really hope this isn’t true. Simpson is the man. Buono would be stupid to do that. Can’t see the CP trade to Riders either. Pretty sure Warren is getting the job done so why would we need KK. Both O’Mahony and McCallum are having not so great seasons. Why would we need Richardson with the receivers the Lions have now.

Kinda sounds like a rumour but I guess I could be wrong. Hope it is only a rumour.

it's a hoax.... it's not going to happen.... Wally isn't stupid... that trade would do nothing for BC... and why on god's green earth would he trade away insurance at the QB position when Dave is taking the punishment he has so far this year... it's just not going to happen... this is another crap post like the T.O coming to the CFL... whoever came up with this rumor should have at least made it sound realistic...

A trade like that just doesn' t add up.

The Lions have no huge weaknesses other than the FG kicker but you don't trade Casey Printers for a kicker this season. Jeez, you could probably go to the Esks and spring Fleming or straight up McCallum for O'Mahony.

There appears not to be a salary issue with CP this season so money can't be a factor. The other talent is good but why bring that kind of talent mid season and potentially disrupt your team.

The Lions hold all the good cards this year in the Casey Printers situation. He gets paid not too much, he is under contract and they want him this year for sure to improve their chances for a Grey Cup win here at BC Place Stadium.

Like the fellow said, Wally Buono has not been a big trader in the past and I sure don't see it right now.

Even if Casey were calling him out in public and he hasn't, the Lions have the upper hand this year. I can see Wally Buono just ignoring that and reminding the player of the contract HE signed quite willingly and how he should fulfill it if properly if he wants to be maintain his good reputation in the game. Let his agent be the dork. He seems good at that so far.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

Ill believe it when I see pigseye said why would they need any of the RIders selected, but then again why would BC need any other players from another proposing team except maybe O linemen.

In the REMOTE chance this were true Mcallum would want to go back home and BC is going to have to trade Printers sometime, But i just cant see it being the RIders.

Anyway Ill laugh now, haha

I know that Sask needs a QB desperately and that Printers would be fantastic, but do you give up the farm for someone who will not be around next year. His contract is about to end and he is seriously thinking about the NFL...unless, that is, he is given one hell of a contract...

1 Hmmmm let's think about this, Sask to pay a QB bib bucks to stay...I don't think so (Hello Hank Burris)

  1. Printers to stay in Sask...even if he passes up the NFL, if he is a free agent, why would he want to make a long term committment to that city/province...

This is pure make-believe. Printers will be a Lion for the rest of the season. Fans of other teams can stop the wishful thinking and not expect the Lions to solve their QB problems.

One one hand, it look stupid for the Lions to even think of trading away a QB. They look invincible. They seem to have the best shot at the Grey Cup any team had in the last 15 years. Trading Printers sure looks like a risk not worth taking.

On the other hand, Printers’ value is extremely high. The Lions could get mucho for him, from quite any team. If the Lions wait untill year end, his contract will terminate and everyone will be able to court him as a free agent. The Lions will most likely lose him (because he doesn’t want to be a back-up anymore) without getting anything in return.

What would you do? Cash on him or keep him as an insurance policy?

If I was a GM with such a “problem”, I’d trade the guy away if I needed to correct weaknesses in my roster, and I’d keep him if my team was already stacked. As of now, the Lions don’t look like they really need anything, so I wouldn’t trade him.

Well if the Lions pulled this trade off you would have to think that they were desperate to improve....and they are NOT.... Printers won't be going to rival Sask.....and.Keith who seems to be the other catylst in the 'trade' is not that much better than Warren.... so why would they need for kicker 'dud' for kicker 'dud'...that just dosen't make sense unless they are thinking a change of scenery is going to improve their performance.....the whole thing seems to be somebodys dreamt-up news flash to sell some media time....I would say Printers will pobably go eventually....and if it's the CFL....that would probably be TO.......or most likely the NFL...

Wait I heard Eli and Peyton were comming to play in the CFL. Printers and Tee Martin will take over for them.
I also heard Randy Moss wants to play along side Terrell Owens over in Sask. He already bought a Banjo... :mrgreen:

Darn it, now McNabb and half the Eagles want out of their contracts. They say that the pay scales in the CFL are going up. Quote " Those Canucks don't even know how to spell sallary cap"
Word is the NFL could fold if the players keep leaving for whiter Pastures of the Great White North.

Just as I thought....A David Pratt BS story!

Nothing in the Newspaper, Nothing on CKNW Sports (#1 Station in BC)

Stegalfan: I'll help you out on this one. Always remember David Pratt is the Marty York of the West Coast. You can tell when he is feeding you a line.....Watch for his lips to move.

It was NOT CAsey Printers being traded.
Itwas just corrected on CBC radio:

Casey and Finnegan, from the Mr. Dressup t.v. show are being traded to Saskatchewan for Paul McCallum, Roy Shivers and Rusty from the Friendly Giant!!!!!!!!!!