I just came across this on the Hamilton Ticats site. I am trying to find the source and confirm same?

"Ottawa Renegades have told numerous players and team staff, including all front office workers that they will not be moving or folding, and will play this season.

The CFL will still meet once more, and discuss the future for the Ottawa Renegades, and already reports the Renegades will announce in the next week that training camp will be held at the recent training camp site in Keptville, Ontario."

Well the Riders will not get a new QB now! Dam I was hoping they would.

Go Riders Go beat them Bomber has beens!

Okay Billy I did it thats it for this season.

I really hope this is true, and not just a rumour ... did you find it on the Ti-Cat forums, or actually on their website?

There may still be hope for you yet redwhite2005. I knew you couldn't be all dark inside. Come on over to the good side.

He just feels guilty for stealing our QB last year :wink:

Wow, this is "information overload" to use an old cliche.

This is good news if its true. I was a little surprised at all the coaches being let go at this stage of the game. Doesn’t leave a good taste and won’t go over very well with the other coaches in the league.
However, we have to move on, and if the league has decided (Bob and Dave) :slight_smile: to run the team they must have people in mind they feel could connect with the fans in Ottawa.
I’ll be buying a pair of season tickets to help out if it happens, not that I can afford it but I care about the CFL.

well lookee here..........never under estimate the power of positive thinking........the power brokers of the CFL have spoken and football shall live on in the nations capital.......dont you just love football fans with money to burn.......

we are so going to kick the Stamps and the Riders butt this season.

with or w/o Jopesh, but IA still think that Ottawa will be suspending this season.

here is to Ottawa in 2007! 8)