It is official release from the CFL, that they have formerly agreed with new ownership. It is not Eugene Melnyk, or Less Sterling.

It will be focused with a large group but will be operated mainmy by 2 individuals.

I have spoken to people close to the situation and they told me that they have plans to redevelop the area, and the city is a big part of the plans, and reason these owners wan't to take over the Ottawa footbal team.

Another suggestion regarding facility use is that Eugene Melynk may be involved in a small way, in building a football stadium near the Scotiabank centre.

These owners will not be officially presented untill after the Grey Cup or possibly labour day weekend.

so this is not official and supposed to be hush hush.


Can you also tell us where Jimmy Hoffa's body is? That would be much appreciated.

In all seriousness... You now stand accused of fabricating stories. You and I both know that's a complete and utter lie.

And so does everyone else

now that I belive!!

in 2010 the JFK theory will be revealed (supposed to be public knowledge)


McMahon was on the grassy knoll.

Marty?? Is that you??

Guess this is old news...says in the first line that they have " formerly " agreed!

Yup...this news Breaks me up! :roll: :lol: :lol:

It's CapitalTD how many times do I have to say this!!!!!!! :lol:

These are very very dry news days.

Now, now guys. I think he's Al Strachan's secret love child and we all know how well informed Strach is.

An Argo fan

Well, I've answered this tripe in same threads posted in Renegades forum and in the CFL forum. He certainly likes to spread it around.

It could be Strachans' secret love interest.

The way the season has been goin for the 'Cats,nothin would surprise me about any other team

I heard the Liebermans are the new owners.

Sticking with typical CFL protocol....we're giving Horn CHen another crack at an Ottawa franchise. At least he owns the "Roughriders" name.

And this thread gets a whatever, volume 30 :stuck_out_tongue:

I spoke to someone who has a good connection to a second cousin who knows a psychic through an acquaintance who felt a strong vibration that may suggest that your Doug Flutie re-returns and Marv Levy for Cat coach threads conveyed similar lower body cavity echoes.

This is my last transmission in any of your threads. :wink:

Thanks for the scoop McMahon,I real do appreciate getting the skinny on the Ottawa team,and so early.....You're a prince