It is official release from the CFL, that they have formerly agreed with new ownership. It is not Eugene Melnyk, or Less Sterling.

It will be focused with a large group but will be operated mainmy by 2 individuals.

I have spoken to people close to the situation and they told me that they have plans to redevelop the area, and the city is a big part of the plans, and reason these owners wan't to take over the Ottawa footbal team.

Another suggestion regarding facility use is that Eugene Melynk may be involved in a small way, in building a football stadium near the Scotiabank centre.

These owners will not be officially presented untill after the Grey Cup or possibly labour day weekend.

Wow, excellent news it sounds!

New stadium and team in Ottawa, sounds good!


yeah, sounds good, to be true that is. :lol:

You have to consider the source!

well, in Mac’s defence, another poster did post a thread about it before he did.

but for me to believe it totally, I need to see a link to a news article abut it, or a wikipidia article about it :lol:

Everything in his post is garbage as anyone with an ounce of knowledge or who lives in Ottawa would know.

Since he likes to post his "brainstorms" in multiple forums, here's basically what I said in Renegades' forum.

"Who the hell is Less Sterling?

A new football stadium in Kanata costing a couple hundred million dollars even tho Melynk w/b involved in a small way?

What area around Lansdowne w/b redeveloped? There's nothing there to be redeveloped.

So announcement w/b GC week or if not, three mths before. Way to narrow it down.

Do you even think before you post this drivel? A five year-old can figure out the numerous lapses of logic in your posts.

If you've been speaking to anyone, it's been in your head."

You would think an annoucementlike that would be on the front page of this site, but dont see a thing. Dont go on rumours, wait for official word before starting a thread like this one.

How much would the Ottawa Renegades cost?

Steve Obrien, is there an article available that we outsiders have missed?

Two people? Maybe it's David MacDonald and George Grant...

Or Bruce McNall and Larry Rykman...

Or Bernie and Lonie.

Personally I have no problem with rumours being posted. It allows us to get a laugh, and to talk about something that hasn't been in the papers for a while. But just don't preface them with terms like "official release". And don't out and out lie, saying things like "I have spoken to people close to the situation".

Matt Sekeres of Ottawa Citizen had best up-to-date story a few days ago. He cited Ted Hellard who is one of three owners on committee.

[url=] ... eb&k=85928[/url]

York doesn't bring up much knew except saying the same thing acc to a source.

Glenn Kulka today on his local radio show claims to know who is going to be the new group and who is involved, but I'm sceptical unless I hear additional verification. He may be right but I find it odd that someone in the know would leak to him over someone more prominent in local or national media.

I know this story might not be true but if it was, I wonder what the size of the new stadium would be.

It's pointless addressing that.

Ottawa has perfectly good 28K stadium almsot downtown with Frank Clair Stadium with prob the best view and sightlines in country to watch a game.

So "somebody" is going to spend a couple hundred million dollars building another one for 10 CFL games a year right near Corel Centre way out in west end.

I don't think so.

It's more mindless trolling by someone w/o a clue about Ottawa.

Thanks Steve, yes I read that Matt Sekeres article a few days ago. As for the latest "rumour", yes we from outside of Ottawa also know about Kulka's radio show and stories in the Marty York "insider" vain. Although unlikely unless as you say sources are named, we are all hoping he is correct?

I'd go with 30,000, but Frank Clair can be expanded to that.

Well, someone has some brains up there if they are thinking about building a stadium where there is lots of parking and tailgaiting therefore. We Canadians in the east are dying for this experience which many now travel to Buffalo or Ann Arbor for. I've said it once and I'll say it again - build a new 45,000 seat stadium just outside of Hamilton, towards Brantford, for the Cats or whomever, with lots of parking and tailgaiting and this will be a winner all the way. But maybe Ottawa will do this first, it will work without a doubt. Not that it is that important to me but you will be able to attract a different, more robust crowd.

Ottawa fans have demonstrated in the recent and more distant past that they will not support a football team.The Renegades played before a half filled stadium.Lets not go through another Ottawa debacle!

Going on recent history the fans in Ottawa will not support a new CFL team in Ottawa.In past years the stands were usually only half full,Ottawa was more interested in their minor baseball team.Even at its best when Ottawa discovered its new quarterback,the fans did not show up[Joseph].Joseph added an exciting element for the fans but the stands remained only half full.A new team in Ottawa meant existing teams will have to fill the ranks of the new Renegades with a draft of these players held when Ottawa folds again.If a new Renegades team does emerge the CFL should demand substantial monies so theywill not have to support a financial beating when Ottawa again folds.