Kerry Joseph bumped to backup in Argos QB shuffle
Last Updated: Tuesday, July 1, 2008 | 2:12 PM ET
CBC Sports
Toronto Argonauts coach Rich Stubler announced Tuesday that quarterback Michael Bishop will get the start when the team hosts Hamilton on Thursday night.

As part of the quarterback shuffle, veteran pivot Kerry Joseph will be 2nd on the depth chart, behind Michael Bishop.

Michael Bishop, seen in the season opener, gets the start ahead of a healthy Kerry Joseph.
(Frank Gunn/Canadian Press) "Kerry will be watching this week, something that is obviously tough for a guy of that experience," Stubler told reporters.

Joseph was sacked 3 times and knocked down several more times in a not so impressive performance that also saw Joseph fumble the ball for a FG. Bishop in limited action only, was not sacked, had no ints or fumbles, and threw a touchdown in the team's opening-game win over the Bombers., but the Argos had trouble moving the ball consistently. The bombers recorded 3 sacks in their loss.

Bishop entered the game in the 2nd quarter and threw a touchdown to narrow the margin. He proved more elusive to Bombers tacklers and finished the first half at qb.

The relief appearance was reminiscent of 2 seasons ago when Bishop came off the bench to replace an ineffective Allen in a pair of playoff games.

The 33-year-old quarterback has apprenticed for the Argos since 2002, but could have a chance now to remain the team's starter if he impresses.

Joseph, has been the Argo starter since last week, but Stubler insists it`s not good enough to put last years starter on the bench. If Mike struggles I will not hesitate to try Kerry from the bench.

Stubler did say however that it was likely that both Bishop and Joseph would get snaps against the Ti-Cats.

What? I'm sorry I'm a Bishop Booster but I just don't think hes been on his game this year, the only reason there were no interceptions during the Bombers game was because of terrible mistakes on their defence, and that TD throw was way too high it was only because of Robertson's great catch they got anywhere. Like I said I'm a big bishop fan, but I just think Stubler is making a mistake

Stubler doesn't care who's toes he steps on and he's going to do what he thinks is best at the time. Will make for some hurt feelings.
Joseph and Bishop both show their feelings on their face which isn't good for team chemistry. The Argos needs both guys putting the team first instead of standing there sulking when not playing.
Right now IMO Bishop is looking more exciting when in there, Joseph has struggled. Which is understandable seeing he's new to Buratto system. But I believe its going to keep the Argos in the news as the media loves a QB contoversy.

Can you post a Link to this Story please

Can you post a Link to this Story please
here it is

[url=] ... 6445e53b88[/url]

I mean where is the Storys Source
It Said at the top CBC But I can't find it on CBC Webpage.

also looked on TSN and there No Info on Bishop Starting ?
Just like to know if the story is true.

Is he or Kerry Starting ? :?

Seems now it was a bogus report. Sorry I fell for it also, very dissapointed I might add.

here`s the original link to the story

[url=] ... 7b92e9c361[/url]

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Joseph should never have been brought in, I hope he falls on his face and or is injured.

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