Breaking News: Oilers to trade Gretzky?

A source close to the team told me they are considering trading the Great One to the Kings.

He also feels this will bring the Oilers another Stanley Cup in a couple years.

There is some reservations that the Kings owner is heading to jail though.

No way. It will never happen.

next thing you know you’ll be telling me the kings owner will team up with gretz and win a GC…

pfft you so crazy…

breaking news!!!!! your never gonna get laid and your a 40-year-old virgin living in mama's basement.

Another one who can't handle NHL news as it happens. Too bad, I was gonna break the news about a gambling scandal involving Gretzky's wife, but not any more.

Slow down, you guys... You're burying me under too much to handle at one sitting.

Next, you'll be predicting that the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup in 1967. I could believe some of these stories, but don't go crazy.

Don't you just love the sound of sarcasm going over someone's head?

Guess no one was expecting you to do a McMahon imitation. :wink:

Wrong. I talked with Wayne this morning and it is all true.