BREAKING NEWS ----Montreal Stadium expansion details ----

Today the Montreal Alouettes announced they are delaying construction of expanding the stadium.

I was told this weeks meetings went well, but the city and the Alouettes are going to set up a much more detailed plan to the local residents.

I was also told my someone close to the Alouettes, that this will not be a issue but that they wan't to be sure that the city, and community support is strong when they expand.

I was also told that the Alouettes had been given city support on building a new stadium near downtown which is still a possibilty, but they are going to focus on expanding the current stadium.

A new stadium feasibility study suggests the Als would have to pay $75million of the $185million stadium.

20% of Als partners would have to pay $12million but they are able to take $35 of the Montreal Expos fund that was left for local athletic facilities.

The rest is going to be used to amatuer athletes, and $25million has been planned already to be used at universities.

$5million was given to the provincial athletic fund.

WHY do u always pretend to have gotten this info from some secret source????

why dont u just say: i got this from TSN?

It appears plans to expand Percival Molson Stadium in Montreal have been put on hold after public hearings resulted in concerns from area residents.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Office de Consultation Publique held hearings in May regarding the Alouettes plans to upgrade the stadium on the campus of McGill University and found that concerns from neighbourhood residents warranted more attention before the city okays the project.

The Alouettes, in concert with McGill, would like to add 5,000 seats, 20 luxury boxes and new electronic scoreboard and construction was planned to begin at season's end.

But residents voiced their concerns regarding traffic congestion and falling property values.

"There has to be more continuity between McGill University, which owns the stadium, the Alouettes, the city's own long-range plans and the mountain development plan," said Gabrielle Korn of Friends of the Mountain, a watchdog agency dedicated to the preservation of Mount Royal and its park.

Office president Louise Roy suggested an arbitrator step in to decide the matter.

"The expansion has to be part of a larger, more comprehensive vision that encompasses the McGill University campus as well as that of Mount Royal," the report stated.

The city says it will take the report into account before any changes to zoning bylaws are made.

First of all this was announced on Thursday!

Second The Office de Consultation Publique has only made a recommendation to the city. The city now has 2 options, Accept the recommendation or accept the plans as is.

So far it has done neither.