Breaking News - Montreal offered Danny Macioca position

My source confirmed that Alouettes have officially offered Danny Macioca the position of G.M and H.C

Was told that Danny Macioca at first may not take the position as he is wanting full control of the Football Operations. But now the offer is on the table.

Expect news shortly.

My source confirmed that Dancing With The Stars have officially made Danny Maciocia an offer.

I am told he may not take the offer as he wants full control of his dancing partner.

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My source tells me that Access Media is a DB. That doesn't stand for defensive back.

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I am trying to ignore them, but I need to scroll down to find any real topic.

Is this the league announcment in Regina?

I think Access Media is

When will you people learn to not feed the trolls?

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BREAKING WIND! (more like it)

Gary Lawless also reporting this.

Argofan. Don't let others know. I mean nothing ever gets out right? My sources are spot on with regards to this issue and BC Lions hiring Constantin or Trestman.

Stay tuned.

I get it. Reporters creed, do not revel your sources or your information dries up.

This site is for entertainment, and if someone has found out something, I think we all like to hear it, even if it is conjecture or speculation.

now, find out about T.O. rumors

Lawless is tweeting that Maciocia may be under consideration for GM and may bring Geroy Simon over in a role.

Nowhere does he say that Macoicia is under consideration for both GM and HC role.

Asperger syndrome ?

Wow !

1- Tweet ! (meaning he does not even have a source to put it on TSN)

2- May

3- Be under consideration

Nothing now on TO. I just heard some think O'Shea would jump to TO if offered. I think we will have to wait until next week during GC week. Things will heat up.

That's usually when it does heat up marty!

He's an idiot if he leaves for a CFL team.

Tenure at a University? Why leave?

Cause its the CFL and not CIS. maybe i dunno.