Breaking News (merged)

Oh thanks. I didn't know that it was released yet. I knew about the last 2 weeks and all the talks.

Thanks for the release.

and I just won the 6 49 McMahon opps no I didn't. no but really you are a good poster just so far behind. It's like a very good source told me that 8 month's ago it was Christmass did anyone else know that? Now thats breaking news.

Is this really about more public consultation, or is there more to this story? Is the possibility of building a completely different stadium all together the real reason for the stalled plans?

Breaking news? What will it be when the cranes show up?

Yes bring it back! How about the Ottawa Alouettes!!! Our stadium expansion plans (vital for the Als survival) will be struck down by the Montreal virgin mothers… And, our team is too frustrating to watch. They are getting their asses handed to them by Toronto. Go Als, go… To Ottawa!!! get them out of here!

You really have to post this SAME message elsewhere?? c'mon now are you a fan? or a flake?

Reports are coming out fast that the Rider management told Roy Shivers to make a change, and firing Danny Barrett came up. Roy said no way, and apparently the Rider managment went his way.

They had a meeting Wednesday for 2 hours, and rumour has it that Roy Shivers could be getting a extension by labour day.

And to think, you figured that out solely by listening to the CBC broadcast of the Sask-Hamilton game. Where they said ... that.

Yeah,I heard that too.Great scoop!

if roy shivers gets an extension will Danny then get one?

Speaking of the CBC broadcast, did my eyes deceive me, or does Shivers actually prowl the sidelines with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth?

Yep,pretty tough looking character isn't he? :wink:

Jesse Lumsden rushed 1-7 yards and had 1 reception for 4 yards. Missed 2 blocks, and got ran over once for loss of protection, and didn’t look like he ran the correct play. OT missed block, and he got hit hard on a pass play.

Jon Ryan lost his battle tonight. Sander punted 61 yarder, and Ryan never played much at all.

After the game, they felt that Sander did a great job, but nothing on Lumsden.


I don't want Lumsden in the NFL, greedy bastard!

I hope he gets cut and so does Casey Printers.

Stop the press. Mcmahon you mean to tell me that this isn't one of your inside scoops. Well I'll tell you what I'll waite a few days then start a new thread with this breaking news but omly after a few pappers release it first.

so why would he be greedy? would you not go to the highest bidder for your servises? Also this is good for the CFL to have players in the NFL it can only help us bridge the gap with the two countries. So you tell me if you work for seven dollars an hour and someone offered you 30 dollars an hour for the same job but with less days worked would you take it? Please say yes because you might look funny otherwise. I am of the opinion that if someone can beather themselves all power to them. So before you knock them think a little WHAT WOULD YOU DO.

I would rather stay home and make less.

Plus, the NFL is littered with steroids, and RB is a black man's position.

I am of the opinion that Lumsden will need the pharmicist to prescribe him some "juice" to succeed down south.

Just like QB is a white man's position?

To a far lesser extent.

O-Linemen seems to be more of a white man's position than QB, IMO.

Yes, he does