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I have spoken to members with 1 CFL team and they have told me that Roy Shivers is going to try to make a trade for a LB.

I have tried to get more details, and apparently the Riders have been trying to get Kevin Johnson on the roster, as well making a deal for A.J. Gass.

I would assume the Riders would trade a OL to the Eskimos for Gass.

More details to follow

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AJ Gass is hurt is he not...why would we want an old washed up,injured player?

Rider wouldn't DARE trade ANYONE to Edmonton, to make the Eskimos a Better football club..

so you can scratch THAT rumour off the list!

No way would the esks trade AJ...we don't have an MLB, and our defence will be so much better when AJ is back.

And AJ is going to be back, probably starting at MLB on Labour Day.

The Eskimos just don't want to gamble on him for tonight against BC.

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McMahon, why would we trade for a linebacker, when another game breaking receiver is what we REALLY need. Honestly, where do you get your info from? A fan in the Bob Uecker section is not a source you can rely on.

Mc Mahon: I'm trying to win the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes, okay?

Can you tell me if your uncle Ed will be showing up at my door with a big check?

Well I found out early this week, that Doug Flutie was again close to signing with the Toronto Argonauts. But as of today I just got confirmation that a deal was close, but Doug has decided not to play anymore. I decided not to pass the news on since many can't handle CFL news as it happens.

He was offered a 1 year deal with a base salary of $125,000. With a 2nd year option that would have allowed him to be assistant coach in 2007. His salary would have doubled to $250,000.

I was told by someone with the Argos that he has been woried about taking hits as he has apparent back problem now, and there is speculation of some surgury that was done on his throwing shoulder.

He also apparently had a sprained ankle that happened on vacation in June in northern Vermont.

There is still some speculation that he is interested in coaching, but the Argonauts have also gotten word from Damon Allen that he is interested in taking over complete control of offense coach next season.

More details to follow.

he's too old anyway.


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Flutie nixes CFL return
Last Updated Fri, 18 Aug 2006 19:55:50 EDT
CBC Sports

Doug Flutie has closed the book on a possible comeback with the Toronto Argonauts.

Doug Flutie won three Grey Cup championships during his eight-year career in the CFL. (Jack Smith/Associated Press) Doug Flutie won three Grey Cup championships during his eight-year career in the CFL. (Jack Smith/Associated Press) 

Flutie, a six-time CFL MVP, spoke for the first time since reports surfaced last month that Argonauts head coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons had contacted him regarding a return to league.

Flutie admitted his close friendship with Clemons made the decision difficult, but remains content in retirement.

"I was tempted only because of the friendship that we have and I love the game up there and it would have been an opportunity to say goodbye to the CFL," Flutie said Friday during a conference call.

"But I kind of like the way I ended things up there and the way I ended things down here and I wasn't in a rush to go running back and take any more hits on the field."

Spectacular seasons

Flutie spent eight spectacular seasons with B.C., Calgary and Toronto before returning to the NFL following the 1997 season.

He spent last year as a backup quarterback with the New England Patriots before retiring in the off-season to become a college football analyst with ESPN.

Flutie was set to make a return to the Argonauts prior to their win over Saskatchewan on July 22, but he changed his mind at the last minute.

In fact, Flutie was ready to fly to Toronto and was scheduled to begin practising immediately with the team before having a change of heart.

"Toronto had run into some issues at quarterback with injuries and all that," Flutie said "Pinball and I are very close friends.

"We've kept in touch and he's giving me some calls to try and entice me a little bit to come on up and help him out."

Quarterback trouble

The Argonauts have run into quarterback injuries since starter Damon Allen broke his middle finger in the opening week of the season.

During Toronto's 26-23 win over the Roughriders, backup Spergon Wynn took a helmet-to-helmet hit from defensive lineman Scott Schultz on the last play of the second quarter.

Wynn's exposed head was driven to the turf, and he was on the ground for 20 minutes before being taken by ambulance to a Regina hospital.

Flutie was watching the game from his home in Massachusetts and text messaged his brother Darren, a former CFL receiver and now a broadcaster with the CBC, to get an update on Wynn's condition.

Allen has since returned to the starting lineup, but his injury continues to linger.

With files from the Canadian Press

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WASN'T THIS A THREAD and news last month?????????????

Today the Montreal Alouettes announced they are delaying construction of expanding the stadium.

I was told this weeks meetings went well, but the city and the Alouettes are going to set up a much more detailed plan to the local residents.

I was also told my someone close to the Alouettes, that this will not be a issue but that they wan't to be sure that the city, and community support is strong when they expand.

I was also told that the Alouettes had been given city support on building a new stadium near downtown which is still a possibilty, but they are going to focus on expanding the current stadium.

A new stadium feasibility study suggests the Als would have to pay $75million of the $185million stadium.

20% of Als partners would have to pay $12million but they are able to take $35 of the Montreal Expos fund that was left for local athletic facilities.

The rest is going to be used to amatuer athletes, and $25million has been planned already to be used at universities.

$5million was given to the provincial athletic fund.

WHY do u always pretend to have gotten this info from some secret source????

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It appears plans to expand Percival Molson Stadium in Montreal have been put on hold after public hearings resulted in concerns from area residents.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Office de Consultation Publique held hearings in May regarding the Alouettes plans to upgrade the stadium on the campus of McGill University and found that concerns from neighbourhood residents warranted more attention before the city okays the project.

The Alouettes, in concert with McGill, would like to add 5,000 seats, 20 luxury boxes and new electronic scoreboard and construction was planned to begin at season's end.

But residents voiced their concerns regarding traffic congestion and falling property values.

"There has to be more continuity between McGill University, which owns the stadium, the Alouettes, the city's own long-range plans and the mountain development plan," said Gabrielle Korn of Friends of the Mountain, a watchdog agency dedicated to the preservation of Mount Royal and its park.