BREAKING NEWS: McMahon to Require a Popemobile?

(from ticat chat: ... 109#174109)

...My sources tell me that McMahon's reception by Ticat fans is going to be a bit gruff. I have it on good authority that dropping McMahon into a cauldron of 28,000 seething Ticat fans is certain to lead to disaster. In fact, my inside information suggests McMahon will want some kind of armoured vehicle en route from the airport. However, while I was kicking back in the Ticat locker room today, I told the boys not to worry - McMahon will most likely be traveling by transporter.

Apologies to those who can't handle CFL news as it happens.

I just saw two dump truck loads of manure leave the ranch...interesting coincidence! McMahon has been busy.

.....seriously though, put this guy to the test....someone in Hamilton needs to meet this person and let us in on his true identity.....

or is it his ture identity. haven't heard much aussie talk since mcmahon started as a regular

Naw, even KK couldn't dream up some of this stuff.

Hey McMahon, take a stroll by section 25 at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Saturday, and get a picture taken with the www.argos-$ crew. There's a free beverage in it for ya.

You can meet me in Winnipeg on Nov 19th!

Buh Wa? You're gonna be at Cup? Really?

so i have concluded that mcmahon and kk turley are one and the same. kk stops posting a continuous string of posts and suddenly mcmahon posts a continuous string. then mcmahon stops and kk is back with his continuous posting. this last switch... mcmahon last 21st at 9:04. kk trys to hold off for a while but at 9:40 he can't take it any longer and kk starts continuous posting. suggestion for hiding your identity: overlap some posts or have an occasional conversation with your multiple names so it looks as though you aren't the same. the one this this has shown is how dedicated you are to your 'characters'. the consistent themes ie changing rules and unis for kk and i want to be turkeybend but can't pull it off for mcmahon. and the typos for kk and you shake it for mcmahon. very impressive. i prefer the kk personality over the mcmahon though so stick with that one please.

Wow, thats scary! Multiple personalities.

I like the KK personality better than the McMahon personality.McMahon, sounds so much like Marty York.

Ah!!! A conspiracy theory 8)


It can't be! Can it? Granted, the timing of those posts are suspicious. But for a single individual to have created not one but two of the most eclectically bizarre personas ever encountered? It defies belief. If KK/McMahon was enough of a genius to pull this off, then they would also be smart enough (one would think) not to leave a temporal posting signature.

We need a forensic audit of CFL talk, to see if any of McMahon's breaking news has ever been ture, or to see if KK has ever traversed the Rockies and half the Prairies in 6 seconds or less.

Yeah! Got my ticket coming in the mail any day now, still have to book the flights.

I feel the love, but I'm not Mac, I don't flood the forum like that, much... (Most of my stuff is on Off Topic, some that's where I post most of my threads now, doesn't tick as many people off)

I love to travel, but not that fast, it messes up my hair! :lol:

I’m in Regina today, for the Eric Tillman celebration, and will be here untill tomorrow, and will be in Toronto first for the rest of the week, and will then stop in Hamilton for gameday Saturday.

There will be a bunch of us, and though we would like to meet with some of the fans, especially the ones we have spoken to (we will try our best to visit your pregame)we will be on the field throughout the game, so after the game we will be visiting with both teams, and then try out best to get out to a local spot with some of the players, and team staff.

Again, enjoy the rest of the week, and see you at the field on Saturday!

And the farmer took another load awaaaayyyyy

oh, wait mcmahon is now responding to kk. i think someone predicted that. hmmm.

does Mac have his own private plane of something?

No, but that guy has so little substance that he can travel with the wind.

so takes how he gets from BC to regina in 6 seconds?