Breaking news....McMahon invents the Transporter

At 1:57 eastern time McMahon was in Vancouver watching the game

check the time on his post

[url=] ... ht=#172826[/url]

6 Minutes later he was in the Regina in the locker room

[url=] ... ht=#172838[/url]

Hey ro, can you reprogram his transporter so to have him sent to the dark side of the moon without a map? Maybe not, he would send a post as Breaking news about the team there planning a stadium for 2054. With all those news posts it doesn't seem like there is much good stuff to read.

Geez else did you think he could generate all this garbage....?? Even Westjet isn't that fast!

beam me up SCOTTY!

lol... hilarious finding ro1313 !

It's even more hilarious once you know that the first post by McMahon that ro referenced was made in Winnipeg.....

And I thought the cattle ranch at the beginning of the lake had lots of blSt. Maybe McMahon is the rancher there!

jm02 an IP address doesn't necessarily say anthing about someones physical location. All you can get from it is the location of the piece of hardware that dished it out.

For example, he could easily have dialed into his ISP from anywhere, or dialed into his home computer from anywhere. Or he could be using remote access which would report the IP of the machine that he's remoted into, and not his physical location.

what finding did you make ro?

The game in Regina was played on Friday?
No it was on Saturday. And I never wasa in the lockerroom, or I said?

I know many Rider officials that were down in the lockerroom.

Good finding!

True enough, EE - good point......but even with that possibility, I believe nothing that comes from this attention-seeker.....

You guys give him such a hard time. What IF the stuff he reports is true. I say let him post, just filter out his topics if you don't like it.

What if the stuff he reposts is true?
We will cross that bridge when we come to it!
The only stuff he ever posted that turned out to be true was becuase it was previously posted somewhere else

You want to have a good time?

  1. Click on McMahon's name.
  2. Click on "Show all posts from this user".
  3. Start reading from the oldest post.

You'll see by yourself how that hypothetical question made no sense.