Breaking News - Mark Doesn't Want Shivers as GM of the 'Cats

One Man's Opinion-

Roy Shivers tends to alienate a lot of people. He's aggressive and a my way or the highway kind of guy regardless of whether he's on the right track or not.

He may be wonderful in person bt his public persona is not what I'm looking for in a GM nor has he had the results I'd like to see.

So this is an anti-bring in Shivers thread to conteract the 'bring in Shivers threads' that may be about to spring up.

can you seriously imagine Bob Young hiring this man? lol

haha I think he's a cool guy. A bring in shivers thread as just gone up, I say bring him in he'd do a better job then Rob Katz is doing, but then again that doesnt say much, a 1st grader just learning numbers could probally do the job on the same level as Katz. I think Shivers is a cool guy & knows football I say bring him in. Although I doubt he (Mr.Young) will bring him in cuz I've said it before and I will say it again, All Bob Young cares about is whether he's computer starts up everyday, he doesnt care about football. ( you guys are probally gonna rip me for saying that, but its true)

Mark, I totally agree.

NO Shivers in Hamilton!!!!!

This guy is a headcase, and isn't needed here.

I do applaud the Riders for making this move now though.
Their President and CEO Jim Hopson is quoted as saying the board of directors elected to put new maanagement in place NOW before off-season free agensts needed to be signed.

Hello Hamilton.......we could be doing the same.

Why wait until the end of season, to clean house in Steeltown, start the process now. Let's hit the ground running in 2007, NOW!

Our organization always seems to be one step behind everyone else.

But, let's not make the situation worse......NO Shivers!

Without all of the PERSONAL SPECULATION about what type of person Roy Shivers is - his football track record speaks for itself.

Whether anyone in this forum knows it or not, the Roughriders have been quite competitive the last few years - in the stronger Western division, no less - and much of that is due to Shivers and his ability MINE TALENT.

The argument goes that Shivers is arrogant, and stubborn to a fault. BIG DEAL, as someone with a few personality shortcomings himself, all I am interested in is ABILITY and RESULTS.

Although I do NOT BELIEVE Shivers will be here - the organization could do a LOT WORSE than him as GM.


Everyone has good points.

I'm glad he's not coming here .....I hope

Burris,Glenn,Dominguez,Holmes,Shultz,Davis and Hunt he has all brought in the last few years, who have we brought in under Katz or Lancaster?

Claridge, Lumsden, Kahlil Hill

Edit: Jykine Bradley, and Jason Goss

Lumsden pffft.

The other two are/were pretty good.