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-Marcel needs to ship Jason to Edmonton and try get mcclendon or ebell, at least maas will be happy in Edmonton and Hamilton could dress a backup import RB.

K... First off, was it necessary to start a new thread about this? And second, why would Edmonton trade Ebell? :?

Hamilton doesn't need a runningback... :frowning:

Lumsden has a sore shoulder, if Davis gets hurt we're screwed, plus... ANYTHING more than a box of personalized pencils and a paperclip is a GREAT deal when it comes to Maas

hamilton does need a backup RB, because lumsden has had past injurie problems, plus they could reduce his workload and keep him fresh, a 1-2 punch of goldie and lumsden would hands down be the best halfback tandem in the cfl. Steeltown!

i know goldie works in the esks front office and has a girlfriend from edmonton, but its time for goldie to move on and come east, the ticats love ot use a power running game and they dont waste plays like maccocias's gimmick playstation offense.

Hamilton needs a friggin reciever.

hamilton needs some o-linemen to protect printers...or printers will get hurt and the cats will find themselves starting chang.

Hamilton definitely more than just another QB. That includes players and coaches.

Every team needs more than just another QB really. What else is new.

…i’d say just another qb.with some credentials is probably the priority in the Peg…don’t like what i see backing-up the best qb. in the land as of now… :roll:

Jason caught a plane to Montreal this morning.

I call BS on the Sportsnet story. Enough said, we will see in the coming hours or days.


Which one? Sportsnet has a story saying he accepted the trade, and an older story saying he didn't.

Only one of them can be BS. :slight_smile:

Been a recurring theme out there in Bomber land the past decade, hasn't it papa? When's the last time you felt comfortable with a Bomber #2 QB?

....oh about the time we had a couple of guys by the name of Jim Van Pelt and Kenny Ploen.....and man that was a looooooong time ago.....i know you probably remember MadJack..... :wink: :lol:

Well said. I mean the story regarding the deal crashing.


Remember those days well, papa!