Breaking News Lumsden Cut

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and even a link!


Not really breaking news, but he was cut...

So, if he was cut, then why isn't he on the NFL transactions list yet?

All the skins did was sign a safety and a punter. . . How would sportsnet find out before the NFL did?

Its true:

But it says its still a good chance he will remain on their practice roster (where he'd still make more $$ than in the CFL)

I dont want him in Hamilton, we already have one underused talent by the name of corey holmes.

If used right and with a proper OLine Hamilton should have the best backfield in the CFL....poor Jesse aint gonna be able to accomplish much back their either with this OLine and offense.

wasn't Kumsden with the team in 2004?

I would like to see Lumsden in blue n gold, he would be the bigman we are missing in the backfield.....last year when he showed his stuff in the CFL, he looked very promising...good ball controll and he seems to have decent speed. I also do believe that he will sit on an NFL practice roster, but Tamon could still cut a deal to make sure he's a Bomber if he returns..