Breaking News Hall traded for Neufield

Just got the news Alex Hall traded to Riders for Neufield and couple of draft picks. Should help the D line but worried more about the O line. Hall is a free agent at the end of the year and probably will be looking south so basically a rent a player.
So is this good or bad for the team? Who won this trade? Any thoughts?

I don't like this trade. Hall will be a great addition to the d-line but even though Heenan has shown he can start at tackle getting rid of a quality CDN olineman is never a good idea. I guess they must be high on Clark and Watman.

The Riders do have a lot of depth at canadian olinemen, and will probably draft another in the next draft, but I still dont like the trade. Who is going to pay the price now for playing time? I cant imagine Chick or Foley will be too happy giving up the playing time unless Hall is used as a rotational player.

Just read through the article. We got a Winnipeg second round draft choice which is essential a late first round pick. The trade doesnt bother me anymore.

Chick and Foley were already rotating with Hilee Taylor who is now on the 9 game list.

I don't understand this at all.

Don't get me wrong, Hall is amazing and a talent on any team, but the line is already solid. Who The is a rental player who will not be around next season...he is a FA, and will be trying his luck in the NFL. Meanwhile, the OL has been battered up at times, and you are left with 1 pure OT...guess the move with Heenan is permanent.

Acquiring Hall is by no means a bad thing...I just don't fully understand it.

Never mind...just say Taylor is 9 gamed...makes more sense now.

Exactly. This left the rotation to Stien and meant that more field time would be logged by Chick and Foley. Now 3 all star calibre DEs rotating. Taylor was already beginning to play more than Foley to keep Foley fresher for the stretch.
On the inside Sholo, George, McElvin rotating. 4 imports and 2 Canadians to go with two young guys with Stein and Evans. filling out a special teams spot or
Adding All star Rod Williams. They already were built for the Grey cup this season only makes sense to add late additions if available. Not too often do you have the chance to win the Cup at home.
Import Devin Tyler at RT and Heenan at RG seem to have been the best combo for the Oline Unit.
Yes they are very high on Watman and have become very high on the homegrown Clarke as during the games 7-12 he was seeing some time rotating in for Labatte.
Heenan has proven he can play RT having Neufeld made two Canadians who could play that position effectiviely now is really the downside but the Upside is a much better defense on top of an already top defense and odds for the grey cup just went up with the last two signings

With Taylor out the trade makes alot more sense. Could probably even rotate Chick in to a DT spot for George or Shologun and Hall in on the end in second and long situations as the Riders like to run alot of stunts up front.

When did Tyler get hurt? I can't believe I missed it.

If Hall goes to NFL do we get first rights to his return to the CFL?

Wow.. Just read this. Not sure how I feel about this. We are getting a rather good player out of this.. But we are trading away a young talented Canadian offensive lineman.. As well as Neufeld is a hometown boy..

Are defence isn't really in need of help.. but really you can never have enough pass rushers.. This really changes things as far as who we protect in the expansion draft..

Likely when the ink will be interesting to see how far over cap they go.

I am wondering if they attempt rolling one back as a LB on certain packages...unlikely, but who knows.

As far as NFL...I didn't realize he was 28, 29 going into next is unlikely he will head back south.

Unreal that Foley is now the smallest guy on the line!

What is Neufeld's contract status?

Perhaps they felt that they had too many Canadians to be able to protect from Ottawa? Not that they would just dump the guy because of that, but it could definitely be an extra clinching factor.

I believe he has 2 remaining.

I think the big thing is that Heenan is kinda their OT now, and Neufield was being out played at guard. That leaves a pretty big salary on the bench. Shame, because he has been a solid linesman for the club.

All that said, I am sure they have a solid idea of who they are protecting, and they are not going to protect all OL in the first round. I am sure that weighed heavily.

Ah I see. Well they have to be over the cap as it sits right now, so I assume we will soon see some releases. I can't really think of a spot they don't have real depth at, so it might be some bigger priced players, veterans even but not starts. They do have the option to go over and pay the fine, just don't push it to draft picks taken away.

Taman is doing an impressive job I have to admit. Wish Miller had let him do his job a couple years back.

I thought the same thing once I saw Halls age, unlikely he would get more then on a practice squad. Then it becomes money versus career and playing the game they love. Money tends to win.

If Hall is still on his rookie contract (I believe he is in the +1 of his first 1+1) then he is probably making peanuts, probably less than Neufeld.

he won't get practice squad time...he is a vetted NFLer, and 28. He will either get a serious look as a starter, or nothing....more likely nothing. The average NFLer is 26, and not a pile play past 30.

Not sure If Hall gets a look at the NFL. Regardless, he becomes a free agent at the end of this season so would likely command some bigger $$$$...

He would be our Defensive line replacement if we happen to lose Ricky Foley in the expansion draft (And providing we can retain his services for next year)

Realistically, we bolster our defensive line for a GC run with Hall.. And we lose Neufeld for a 9th or 10th rounder pending on what the rules are around Ottawa picking in the draft...
So this is not a bad trade... Just have to hope Hall fits in with Team Chemistry.

I do feel sorry for Neufeld... He is a Saskatchewan born player likely living his dream... Playing for the hometown team he grew up cheering for. And playing on a team that has a legitimate shot at winning a GC at home this November! This is the tough side of professional sports. Taman has to do what he can to win Championships. Unfortunately Neufeld had to be the guy to go....

I think I am more pissed about Hilee getting 9 gamed? Too bad as he is my rookie of the year. He was playing just great for a young guy. He was really gorwing on me and I hope he gets better.

Depth and rotation...........I get it.

Don;t like giving up Patty because he is a good right tackle.

As for Hall and the NFL. Don;t think so. He'll be 29 and he had his run down there. But he's a FA so I guess it does not matter. We don;t protect him regardless and if Ottawa lands him they try to work out a new contract.

The realization here folks is 10-12 of our players right now are all rental players. We'll lose some to Ottawa. We don't know who they will protect or relaease or whatever...........But about 10 guys right now are all rentals until we lose them. So a rental player this year isn't the bad perception you usually have about a rental player.

Heck........maybe we protect this guy and John Chick is left for Ottawa to go to. His big contract? Don;t want to loose him but you gotta play the game (expansion game).

Just looked it up... Patrick Neifeld was selected 33rd overall in his draft year (5th round). The Riders in return get Winnipeg's 2nd round pick.. Likely the 9th or 10th overall pick. So that is an upgrade there.

They get the "rental" services of Hall for a GC run... IMO, the status of Free Agents will most likely affect How Ottawa selects in the expansion draft. If they feel they can land a player or two that they like, why draft when you can just make him an offer?
The only downside of this deal that I see is whether or not Hall fits in with the team and they can maintain good chemistry...