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Question and answers with Michael Bishop will be posted later today at Blue Bombers dot com as well as CFL.CA

I asked that my questions be asked? Basically have you been in touch with anybody from The Bombers since the season ended? Do you have any idea if you will be attending training camp in 2010.


January 11, 2010

Each week a Blue Bombers player will answer questions from fans. This week, quarterback Michael Bishop steps up to answer your questions.

Mike, Happy New Year, where are you right now?

Happy New Year everyone. I am currently in Texas.

How was the holiday season? What did you do?

The holiday season was great. I had a chance to see family that I had not seen for at least 10 years, so it was really nice.

What have you been up to since the season ended?

I have been working out and looking at the films from the last season and thinking about what we can do as a team to improve from last season.

Have you been following what has been going on up in Winnipeg?

Yes I have.

How did you hear about Mike Kelly being relieved as head coach and the events that transpired that day?

I heard from a teammate, and then another.

What was your reaction?

I didn’t believe it…

Mike Kelly was/is….

A good man, Although many do not see him that way. I will always respect him because I will not try and judge him….that’s GODS job, not ours…

The offence was very different than past years, or other teams in the league last season, would you like to see a difference scheme all together next year or did you like some of the stuff that was put into play?

I like some of the things we did this past year. We had some big plays but not enough. I would love to go five wide and have a chance to use the whole field. If that is in need of a new scheme then lets get it done and become what we know we can….

With all these changes going on in Winnipeg, What happens if the organization brings in another veteran QB or a contender for the #1 spot? Would you be willing to reduce your role to the #2 QB if a new QB takes over #1?

I have always been a team player. No matter what happens, the goal is to win games.

Have you ever had your throws clocked? If so, how fast was it?

Baseball…94 mph….have not been clocked with a football.

I really admire your attitude when you walk back to the sideline, many times you are chatting with opposing players. What do you say to them? How do you handle the BOO birds in the Winnipeg stands? They always get on players if they are struggling or if their team is struggling.

We talk about life, it’s never football. Well, I shouldn’t say never, but sometimes you would be surprised. If a player makes a wrong play, of if I make a mistake, sometime we will chat about something’s totally unrelated as we walk back, then once we get there we focus on the last play. I handle the boos different. I know that people can say whatever they choose during the course of a game but I have too much respect for myself to get into it with the fans. A lot of the time I laugh. Some comments are funny. But in the midst of it all only god can judge us and I know the fans just want to win.

Michael, is too much made of you being labeled as a hot/cold quarterback? Or, is this hot/cold play a direct result of how you play your game?

I play to win by any means….we win as a team and we lose as a team. There is not a one man show but the QB gets too much glory or too much blame. We love the game though…

Mike, you are one of the classiest guys on our team, from your media interviews to how you handle fans and scrutiny, have you always been like this or did it take time to learn how to handle the good and the bad and everything that comes with being a pro athlete, especially in a city that lives and dies by their team.

My mother did a great job of teaching me about life and the things that come with it including the good and bad. I would never want her to see or hear of me doing anything that would make her upset, that’s why I smile and don’t let the things that I hear or see get to me. I know that people will talk and that there are people out there that want the worst for others.

Halfback Jonathan Hefney recently signed in the NFL as I’m sure you know, what does he do so well that makes quarterbacks struggle against him?

He never gives up, ever. He’s a small guy but talented and his attitude can take him a long way.

Next season is the beginning of a new era in Winnipeg, do you want to be apart of it?

Of course!

A lot of the players say you guys are just a few things away from being a real contender, and you have proven you can win consistently when they give you the ball to run with, how much do you want that chance to come in with a full training camp and take the starting job?

I would love to have a full camp to work with the guys. That will give us a chance to be ready from the start and not try to play catch up with the other teams. We need that.

What are your plans for the rest of the offseason, do you travel?

To keep working hard and to be in the best shape when we report to camp.

Are you going to come to Winnipeg during the winter?

I plan on coming up to meet with the new coach and see what new changes we will have.

Who are your closest friends on the team and in the organization? You seem very well liked by all the guys.

I like everyone on the team and the staff. We were a close net team and will remain that way. You probably hear that a lot (everyone always says their teams are a ‘close net group’), but we really were and are.

Michael you played at Kansas State, and were one of the best NCAA quarterbacks ever, talk about that experience.

It was great. I had the time of my life. Those were the good days. I had some great guys around me that made me play my game at the highest level every week.

See you in May fans!


Bishop is a flop. We cannot win with him. Standing for him same as standing with Kelly.

That was interesting MB 2010...thanks for sharing!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

The way he spoke sounds like he fully expects to be at camp, he seems to have the right attitude towards life.

I've always been a huge fan of Mike's attitude... he is a very likeable guy, and honestly i wouldnt have too much of a problem having him as our number one... as long as we are actively developing a young guy behind him that has loads of potential.

I think Mike could take us to the playoffs, but not to the GC....

...i agree ....Bishop has a tremendous attitude to match a tremendous arm.... he's also durable..NOW....if only he could eleminate those costly mental lapses....we'd have a qb. everyone in the CFL is looking for :wink:

Grow up. I’m not a Bishop fanatic, but are we supposed to cut/fire/avoid anyone who was ever in the same room as Mike Kelly? Let’s see what Bishop and the rest could do with a real offence and a training camp to learn it in. If someone outperforms him, so be it.

According to CFL insider Dave Naylor, Bishop is still under contract. He signed a 1 + 1 deal fairly late in the going. So thats 1 year plus an option. He figures Bombers probably pick up the option? At any rate I wonder if the 1 year goes from the date of the signing, or does it mean simply 1 season? I suspect it means 1 season or else you sign a guy in Sept to a one year deal, that would mean you get most of 2 seasons out of a guy for 1 year. So I guess I just answered my own question, at any rate he is currently under contract until they cut or trade him.

My understanding is that whether a contract was signed in Jan 2009 or Oct 2009 the 1 year would be the 2009 season and the option year would be 2010. A contract will not expire mid-season.

Yes that`s the only thing that makes sense!