2 out of province reporters just broke the news that Doug Flutie will return to the CFL beginning next week.

He was to join the Argos this week, but rumour is that he felt it was to early to join.

bull shit

...or are you serious

Man are you off. Read my post title "Ha! Ha! Argos try to go even older". Flutie said no! He's not coming back.

I just emailed Rob Vanstone of the Leader-Post and he tells me that George Reed and Dave Ridgway will be in the Rider lineup tonight agaisnt the Arogs... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I heard Taman's talking to Kenny Ploen. :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

Argos and their gimmicks. :roll:

couldn`t hurt

We may need him , WYNN just got hurt. No that deal didn't go through but the ARGOS are winning in SASK.

ARGOS 18 , SASK. 3 with out WILLIAMS [he got hurt] , IVORY , and ALLEN.

Announcers just confirmed that Flutie was supposed to be with the team this week.

Yes , BUT the deal fell through.

GOOD! :thup:

Yeah I thought it was bullshit when they were talking about it briefly earlier in the broadcast. But it sounds like it might happen.

Unless the CBC is wrong , they said that the deal fell through and will not happen.

They did say that he turned the offer down last week.

Darren said during the telecast how Doug has not ruled out against coming.
It sounded it was more of a $ reason then his alleged inability to perform. Now with no Wynn, who knows. If he did sign for next weekends game, I would bet there would be a spike in attendance, unlike Ricky.

Give Crouch another week before calling Flutie.

Crouch was so excited he couldn't calm down. You would too if you finally got your chance at your dream of playing QB, after everyone in the NFL told you "no way".

He didn't look that bad once he calmed down.

It would be good to bring Flutie in to help him & step in if he fails to get it done.

But so far I think Crouch has proven NFL scouts to be the dummies they are. (but it is early yet)
It's a matter of being in the right system at the right time & making the plays.

the argos are compiling an impressive injury list:

tony miles
R.jay soward
damon allen
ricky williams
eric england
spergeon wynn

They're going to be in tough against BC next week.

Or he just wasn't good enough to play in the big leagues. There has laso beenmany guys who come in win games then when they have to start they can't do anything