BREAKING NEWS - Doug Flutie to return to the CFL

First reports that he turned the offer down, but now it seems he will sign Sunday, or Monday.

That was just discussed on CBC now ,live ,good scoop ,right off the TV .

Pinball said the Argos were trying to get Doug to play in Sask,just as a fill in until Damen could return.
I missed half the interview with the CBC panel and don't have the total news .

It sounded like they tried to get Flutie ,but couldn't .....ho hum..

Some scoop Macmahon ??

Fluite coming back would be a step backward for himself as well as for the CFL

Unless you have been on the phone with Adam Rita in the last half-hour, you are full of it, to be blunt.

Doug Flutie WAS text messaging his brother Darren about his shock at the Wynn hit, NOT NEGOTIATING A CONTRACT during halftime.

What happens will happen, but to speculate this early is a bit much.

thats crap. As long as flutie is still in as good a shape as he was in when he last played, he is twice the player Allen ever was.

You forget the laughing emoticon, right?

ok, so maybe I am exagerating when I say TWICE as good. Allen was never close to flutie in his prime and at his best, was only close to what Flutie was when he retired. Flutie rules. Allen just played a lot.

No, Flutie Flakes.

I can’t see him coming back to play football. But, wow, I think he could be a great coach… if he has any coaching ability.

Idont expect him back either. Its just that he is still better than most of what we got in the league now.

I dont see him as a coach.

Hey vuarra,
Flutie would also make a great nuclear physicist, as long as he has nuclear physics ability.........

hes washed up that why he retired cuz no1 would resign him

At 43 years of age, Flutie decide that the money wasn't worth the risk of injury. Bu he had his plane ticket in his hand last Saturday. In today's TO Star.

An Argo fan

Doug was quoted a few weeks ago that he wanted to coach and would like to start as a head coach in the CFL.
So how this for speculation…Kent Austin takes the HC job in Saskatchewan next year and Flutie comes in to Toronto as the Offensive Co-ordinator with the promise of being the HC in 2008.

Breaking News....Flutie is on the Ti-Cat coaching list as well as Austin....

Well thats just as breaking news as the topic for the thread.

Personally I would like to see Doug get a coaching opportunity in either Toronto or Hamilton. The only fear that I have of Doug is that he is so intense on winning it might be unbearable to play for him, kind of an Austin times ten.

sbfleming is right--I know a guy who played with him in college and the usfl and has always said the things that make him a great player would make him a-- most likely not to successful coach--modern day somewhat un moviated PRO players do not like an in your face intense head man--heck, even Lombardi I HATE to say would have problems with the modern day PRO player.

Anybody notice how when McMahon "breaks" a story, he's never around to admit it being crap or to answer to many posters who call him out.

Must get his jollies thinking what he has to say is either impt, accurate or seeing how people react.

Trolling beats having a life I guess.


I wonder if the text said there is no way I'm coming back after watching Wynn get hit again and again and then crushed.

more like, "ouch, that coulda been me"