Breaking News !Criminal Charges to be Drop on JoJuan Monday

I got The news From Big Dog Him Self.
This is Great News
The Criminal Charges Filed on Jojuan are to be Dropped Monday.
Link Here.

[url=]http://theblackandgoldreport.blogspot.c ... ojuan.html[/url]

I also Have Video Messages From Players to Us Fans.
Click Below.

[url=]http://theblackandgoldreport.blogspot.c ... -over.html[/url]

Those vid messages were great.

Hey, do you think with Armour's criminal charges, he made a wrong turn on the QEW last the Spring and he shoulda been at the Argo's camp? After all, isn't it the Argos who make a habit of giving these criminal types second chances?

An Argo-Cat fan

There are no criminal charges and the difference would be that the Blue Teams players actually get charged and go to jail.

Glad You Enjoy Them Barney.
I hoping Big Dog is Backā€¦
There Are Working on Resigning Him.