breaking news,copps reno!

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That's nothing, I hear they might be painting five seats at ivor wynne this year lol

Most of the money has to come from governments. Not sure about this at this time when a fair bit of money is being spent on the Pan-Am Games in Toronto and Hamilton. This should be interesting how this plays out should JB get the Coyotes.

Also here:

I think there is something missing, if you scroll down near the end of the article, it says JB will put in $5. I think it should be 5 mil!!!!!

Not that I want to diss Vic Copps, but to help defray some of the potential cost, I wonder if the naming of the arena should be sold/leased to whatever corporation would be interested.

Earl, you are wrong in that. JB has gone on record as stating there will be NO taxpatyers funding, this is his project alone.

Just listened to a JB rep on the fan 590 and he confirmed there is no application/intent to hit the governments up for coin

Thanks Half for that info, I was under the impression otherwise.

Holy , I just looked at the photo from the newsstory above, both the inside and outside of Copps in those photo renditions are like a completely new arena. In Hamilton? Doesn't seem possible really. Here everyone just wants to keep good ol' IWS as it is just about, that's who "we" are, isn't it? 8)

As far as I know, there would be significant public money going into this. There’s no way Balsillie is going to front up to a $150m on a barn he doesn’t own – nor should he. This is a capital investment that would create significant revenue for the city and province.

Plus, it’d make a whole lot more sense than giving $1.4 million per job saved in the auto industry – which is what I’m hearing today.

Another well played move by JB and crew. Can’t wait to hear Gary’s opinion on this. Yet another one of his arguments agains Hamilton goes swirling down the toilet.

Looks nice though…could do with out those gawdy atrium entrances – but like the arena bowl and suite areas.

Damn! It's harder and harder not to get excited about this NHL business! If JB pulls it off, he deserves a parade and keys to the city... and a good parking spot @ Copps :lol:

Ballsillie's spokesman was just on CHAM talk radio
and he said that it would not be him, but the City,

as the Copps Coloseum owner, who would be applying
for the federal and provincial infrastructure funds

to pay for the renovations which are being talked about.


IMO. we would be more likely to get the funds we need for Copps
if Ontario isn't successful in their bid to get the Pan Am Games

but here's hoping that the City gets money to do both projects.

Well thats one heck of a bill .... wonder if the feds and the ontario gov. will even put up the funds for that cause unless it's been on the news that i havn't heard (only get so much where i am) I havn' seen anywere that the money to renovate copps is for certain. I think stuff like this is just a big setup OH LOOK WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO WITH COPPS FOR OUR NEW HOCKEY TEAM ..... and then slam peoples hopes to the ground when it's announced theres no hockey coming to hamilton

Well, what do you want them to do?
The NHL boneheads have used the arena as a key argument as to why a team shouldn't be coming here. As of today, that argument is not applicable. Anyone who read the release realizes this a proposal, dependent on getting the club.

Does the NHL have any arguments left?? Seriously, there's really nothing they can put infront of a judge or the board of governors to say this isn't a viable market.

This posturing will put Balsillie in a pretty good spot if/ when it comes down to a vote (read: grounds for litigation if not approved).

RFTT, you are correct, my initial post did say that no government funding would be used, I misinterpreted that, it was meant to say JB will not ask the Gov, but the City will apply to the 2 other levels of GOV for money ear marked for Hamilton's infrastructure.

RYCK, BOTH levels of government has gone on the record and stated they would look favourably on spending some money for this project, they just want to see the application made, but there is money sitting "in an envelope" for Hamilton infrastructure already

Bill Walker (JB rep)had a nice chat with Hoagie today for that conversation click Here

Ron this money is separate from the money needed for the Pan Am project, this is already ear marked for Infrastructure...the City just needs to apply to the other Gov's with a valid plan for spending it

Forgive me if I'm repeating as BigPolish said it's hard not to get excited about this!!

The money spent on the barn, taxpayer or not, is simply an investment into a potentially EXTREMELY profitable business. The new copps will be packed every night. Not to mention the complete uplift this will give the downtown.

Seeing that article and the rendering of the upgraded Copps gives me feelings that are usually reserved for during sexual activities....

And it will be so tragic if (when?) this doesnt happen and we're all disappointed again.

But I do think we're getting close, and its only a matter of time, and now that Balsillie, or any other potential owner can see what Copps could look like... the excuse of lack of a decent arena is now gone.

150 mill is nothing, considering if you were going to build a rink of that grandeur from scratch you'd be looking at MUCH more dollars having to be spent.

Unless the Cats are going to turn arena style and play there I see no point to this thread here.

Honestly.. football forum... not hockey forum.

No offense people but hockey is a white trash sport. There.. I said it...

White trash sport whatever, it's what the masses want in Canada, the elite hockey league in the world.

But as my wife says, football guys in their tight unies, the quick guys anyways, look way more sexy than hockey players and have to admit, my days playing high school hockey and football, give me the football look any day, I was a receiver and d back and looked pretty good in a football unie. Hockey, well, love the game, played as a kid, but everyone, even Mike Modano, look frumpy in hockey gear.

But it's the NHL, it will work in Hamilton and will be the no. 1 team, the Cats will be second page stuff, just the way it will be boys and girls. And that is ok, hockey and Canada, well, football even the "mighty" NFL will take a backseat to hockey here.

Small point by RonFromTIGERtown

I said...

IMO. we would be more likely to get the funds we need for Copps
if Ontario isn't successful in their bid to get the Pan Am Games.

but here's hoping that the City gets money to do both projects.

HalfTheDistance said---

Ron this money is separate from the money
needed for the Pan Am project,

this is already ear marked for Infrastructure...

the City just needs to apply to the other Gov's
with a valid plan for spending it.

My reply...

The Hamilton Pan Am Games money may be separate
from the government money earmarked for infrastructure,

but, HTD, governments like to spread our money around
to as many regions as possible to buy votes in more ridings.

then breeze right on by… nobody is MAKING you participate


and they are Ron... Toronto is applying for the money for the Pan Am bid we just reap the rewards of their application..... Hamilton will be applying for money for renovations

Good call. To me, this is a Hamilton forum, too (no pun intended)...what's good for Hamilton is good for the Ticats. This whole thing gives me more pride in our city....and, has me more jacked for the Tabbies season opener.