Breaking News...City staff report

Now a new site is recommended........rail yards at Longwood unstead of the McMaster property and a new deadline

huh? :roll:

New stadium site considered

City staff are recommending the CP rail yards at Longwood and Aberdeen as the new site of the Pan Am stadium - not the Innovation Park lands previously pegged as the future stadium location.

That’s the primary recommendation of the report, obtained by the Spectator, that will be presented to council tomorrow. It suggests a new deadline - Oct 12 - for staff to report back to council with more information.

“The CP Aberdeen rail yard site, previously not tabled, was put forward since Council’s most recent direction to staff,? reads the report.?Based on a preliminary, high level analysis, the CP site appears to meet the needs of the City, the Tiger-Cats, as well as maintain the integrity of McMaster Innovation Park.?

City staff are also recommending that the city enter negotiations with the upper levels of government to bump the stadium up to 25,000 seats.

The report will be made available to the public on the city’s website at 3 p.m. today. Watch for more details.

Full recommendations:

(a) That the CP Rail yard at Aberdeen and Longwood be forwarded to Hostco as the venue location, agreed to by the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, for the new Pan Am Stadium, subject to Items

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[url=] ... considered[/url]

What about the possible soil contamination from decades of leaking tanker cars ?

And this new site is even closer to the relatively new town homes/condos by the golf course unless I'm mistaken.

Troop was clear.......NO MORE EXTENSIONS (although I never believe anything he says anymore) :roll:

Keep going south (and a bit further west) and go all the way by using Chedoke for the stadium...

Holes #11, 12, 7 and 8 (maybe # 5 and 13 too) take up the north-west corner of the Chedoke Beddoe Golf Course and is not that much closer to the escarpment (to escape the wrath of the NEC) than the proposed railway lands.

Photo map here...

[url=] ... _large.jpg[/url]

(rotate 90 deg counter-clockwise to match hole layout graphic (with north at top)...)

[url=] ... rseMap.gif[/url]

Aim theatrical/musical events to the east with half of what remains of Beddoe (or a parking lot) and all of the Martin course (with trees) as a buffer.

The courses are not heavily used so 1 of 2 courses won't be missed and if I'm not mistaken, they're now being subsidized (not paying their way).

If one of the Chedoke golf courses is sacrificed for the stadium or parking, it wouldn't be missed. The other Chedoke golf course would still exist, and the best city course, King's Forest, would also still exist.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t those houses bounded by Beddoe and Studholme in the middle of the golf courses?

[url=,+on&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Hamilton,+Hamilton+Division,+Ontario,+Canada&ll=43.251392,-79.904659&spn=0.011096,0.01929&t=h&z=16] ... 9&t=h&z=16[/url]

This location seems a bit too close to residential. I expect opposition.

Here is the map of today's stadium "flavour of the day"

Area 51.........errr, I mean "E" :lol:

[url=] ... 0d3777.pdf[/url]

Yes there is a very small subdivision there that I expect won`t be happy. Its a much smaller number of houses affected but there is no way its going in without a fight from them. This seems like a perfect fit though otherwise

It just struck me........McMaster must have told the city to take a long walk off a short dock..........and this is their last ditch Doug Flutie hail-mary pass

I wonder what the Tiger-Cats think about this and the need for yet another month-long delay :roll:

Those condos have some very influential retired golfers..........just saying :cowboy:

Interesting. The Chedoke Club House, if you can call it that, is a total messy ugly looking thing that should be demolished, Kings Forest is the jewel public golf course, just got ranked in the top 100 courses in Canada and one of only a select few public courses to make it, might be just 2 this year I think that made it.

They are nice condos, yes, and the people there might raise a stink but then they are right beside a public golf course and the lady rides in a cart selling beer on the course so a stadium fits in nicely there. :wink: There should be beer carts from the course to the stadium and back. :wink:

I really doubt that the Tigercats are concerned if the city is given another extension. They are probably concerned as I am that it wont be given or that the additional funding wont materialize. Thankfully they aren`t talking about ripping out the golf courses

I don't know how the residents will react but the good folks that live in the area will have to decide what is aceptable when it comes to noise. The action on gameday and the roar of the crowd for at least 11 dates a season or the constant banging and shunting of the trains in the railyard and trust me the trains are exempt from any noise issues that may arise as a result of shunting or idling.
I live up off Lawrence road, you haven't experienced anything until you've had to listen to an idling diesel engine that shakes your house for hours on end.
So pick your poison folks.

This may be the deal breaker that Ian Troop, the Feds and the Province hang their hat on as they finally pull the plug on Hamilton…

"(b) That the Province of Ontario and the Federal Government be formally requested to provide sufficient additional funding to expand the current proposed 15,000 seat Pan Am Stadium to a 25,000 seat facility as per CFL size requirements, international high performance sport standards and to meet additional land requirements.

and the request for yet another month while they start all over with the land acquisition won’t help either…especially if residents threaten legal action

I suppose I see less of a hassle converting superfluous golf course land to other uses than trying to remove/move the rail yard.

Where does that rail yard functionality go and as mentioned by another poster, how much clean up would be required (locomotive oil and fuel, other possible spillage)?

As far as I can see it won`t impact the golf courses. There are over 50 acres without doing that

Kings Forest is the best municipal course I've ever played.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those houses bounded by Beddoe and Studholme in the middle of the golf courses? ... 9&t=h&z=16

This location seems a bit too close to residential. I expect opposition.

Give them all Season Tickets and they’ll be fine.
Unfortunately, they’re front lawns are too small to sell parking spots on

I hope that bob and the tiger Cats do not agree to this site. It's just another manoeuvre by the city to keep the facility in the west end. The east mountain location is the place to go. When will the city finally realize this. I cannot believe that the city is actually planning to ask for another extension, I hope the Hostco people tell them to pound salt. If the stadium goes at this location my season tickets go to someone else. Bob, if you read these posts, tell them where to go.

East Mountain is as dead as CFP and Rheem Nomad. Time to move on.

Yup, agree AKT, unfortunately, if any stadium is going to be built in Hamilton, it will be near the downtown area. As long as city money is being used - AT ALL.

Not that this site is bad or can't work, not at all, it's just not the site a CP or Aldershot is but it's close, very close and could be excellent but as you've said in an earlier post AKT, it won't bring the money from the Cats like the EM site would.