BREAKING NEWS: CFL's newest franchise on Mars

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you have a style similar to someone else BB.....

well prove it.
Would you like to meet at the labour day game JM?
There is only one of me.
I dont mind people disagreeing with me because this is the place to discuss things, but accusing me without facts is disappointing.
Please PM me if you want to phone me.
I have no problem giving out my info.

You emulate his style, BB, it doesn't mean you have a freakin' sounds like you're protesting a little too much, though, to tell the truth.....maybe someone should call "baloney" and see what happens?

I'll pass on the invite. You may have no problem giving me your info, but I have no wish to receive it.


All those who thought that this was just a fun and somewhat satirical thread will now begin all posts with the phrase "THIS IS FOR FUN"

All those who believe that this thread is about some private grudge match will begin their posts with the phrase, "WARNING - THIS PROGRAM MAY CONTAIN SCENES OF VIOLENCE, COARSE LANGUAGE, NU.. " or something like that,


PS - I should have begun with, "This is for fun..."

Darn you ro, you beat me to the one liner! :wink:

I've been thinking about this and I think that Mars is a little small. How can we run a real league here and attract the best talent if we allow bush planets into the league.

Look, Venus is clearly the top contender... warmer climate and all and since the gravity is much closer to Earth's the field dimensions can stay about the same.

Yes, I know that the distance between the orbits of the earth with Venus and Mars are about the same but when Mars is on the other side of the sun from us that's an extra 100 million miles of travel compared to a trip to Venus. Some G.M.'s will never permit that.

I guess you're right about that, Mark. Braley and Wettenhal would cause a major stink about not getting enough Canadian Tire money the league's promising to offset the increased travel costs.

Just think of all the mutations after a few years, those teams on Mars could be unstoppable. What if they had quados in their bellies or claw hands.

I’m telling you guys, Mars is just the otherside of Pittsburg…
I suppose that is a “whole new world”, but…

Is that your "otherside" or my otherside?