BREAKING NEWS: CFL's newest franchise on Mars

This just in, fresh off the wire from the CFL offices, so you know it’s legit…

CFL Insider liason, McMahon, has just announced that after successful expansion to Milwaukee, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Reykjavik, and Tuktyoktuk, the league is ready to announce on Wednesday that their latest expansion franchise will be located on Earth’s neighbour, Mars.

When asked about the exuberant travel costs, McMahon, who has a matter before the courts to legally change his name to BeerBarons, stated that the league plans on increasing the existing franchises’ operating budgets with a huge cash influx of Canadian Tire money to offset these costs.

The new Mars franchise would be scheduled to start play in 2010, just in time for their new 40,000 seat stadium, where the seats will be made entirely from failed Mars Rover projects.

Awesome news!! I've been waiting to hear confirmation of an expansion team. This is great, finally the schedule can be balanced (when Ottawa returns, of course). So does this mean the 2010 Grey Cup will be on Mars?

What about team names? What would they be called - any info? I think they should call themselves the Martians - makes sense. Or maybe, the Little Green Men. They could have a red helmet, with a little green man as their logo. Or, they could have a plain green helmet, with a single yellow stripe, since that is like what Marvin the Martian wears.

Someone want to start a poll on what to name the new team?

I sure hope the new team is in the northern hemisphere because we all know that the Martians in the south cant support a CFL team.

And make sure it's far enough away from any big American/NFL markets, too ...

This is bogus.

How often does it need to be said, people? Mars DOES NOT HAVE A STADIUM. You can't have a team with a stadium. There's nowhere to play. They. don't. Have. A. stadium.

That said, I'd rather expand to Mars than in the States...

Thanks guys, now I'm having cravings for Mars bars because of all this talk, gggggrrrrr. And I'm trying to cut down on my sweets cravings. ggggrrrrrrr...

A game between Mars and the Argos can be billed as the War of the Worlds?LOL

And they could play at the centre of the universe

mars will have a stadium in 2009 for their Martian Games. It will seat 34000.398749783 Martians confortably.

Mongo!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!


Here is a pic of the Edmonton Eskimos player the Mars Preditors.

I am quite concerned about the import ratio.

Field size will be an issue. Since gravity on Mars is 38% of that on earth it means that kicks and passes will go significantly further... as will the steps the players take. I estimate that the new fields will have to be at least 300 yards between the goalposts. That will mean that fitting in a track without shrinking the end zones will be very difficult.


Ahhhh, 'tis a great day to go fishing. Aint it, me boy? :lol:

I don't know what all this "alien" stuff is about.
Mars is in Pennsylvania.....
Not sure if they can support a team though....,_Pennsylvania

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