Breaking News - Bombers and Lions Tilt Postponed

Breaking News - Bombers and Lions Tilt Postponed

The CFL Board of Directors met in an emergency session on Monday to discuss the injury situation affecting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and BC Lions. The league has decided to postpone the game until later in the season. Wally Buono expressed extra relief, when the league said they may delay next weeks game as well, Wally is quoted as saying as the best team in the league, we deserve special consideration.

When approach for comments, Toronto's coach Pinball cried this is descrimnation, we are the centre of the universe and get not respect. We haven't been crying about injuries.

Turkey will be dissappointed he didn’t think of this one first, Mike.

Update on this story.
Upon both Dave Dickenson and Buck pierce stunning news that they were both retiring, Wally has asked the league to suspend the season.
The season will only be restarted if Wally can work out the details of flying Payton Manning in just on games days to be the new starter.
In a moment of honesty, Wally stated, “as the best team in history, this 2007 Lions team deserves some respect.”

The league has agreed to these terms in principle as without the best QB in the league, it was felt the Lions would not be able to compete, thereby the entire season was a waste anyway.

Here's breaking news...... I love Mike's sense of humour!

Great post, Mike. I think it's all for the best. Now we won't have to hear any bitching from anyone.

And for the record, it's Peyton, with an E. Peyton's my boy. Gonna be another great season for the Colts!

Can't say I am a Peyton fan. I actually kinda hate the entire family at this point.
And the Colts play in Baltimore, do they not?
Not sure what this Indy thing is....?

But I am pulling for KK to make it and have some success, so I am not completely opposed to them having success.
Actually, Tony Dungy is one of my favourite coaches. It has been tough disliking Indy and hoping he does well...

They play in Indianapolis as far as I know. Apparently they have a new stadium being built, but I'm not entirely sure where. The Ravens play in Baltimore.

And how can you not like Peyton? That's football blasphemy! :lol:

To any self-respecting Colts fan, they will ALWAYS play in Baltimore.

Well, unfortunately, I was born the year after they moved, so they play in Indianapolis to me. :slight_smile:

oh really? How 'bout that Dline that doesn't exist anymore?


We had shitty defence last year and look what happened. With Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Joseph Addai, our offence can outscore any team in the league.

Winning the Super Bowl was simply because the defence got hot at the right time. If they hadnt, New England would have been in the SB.

All of this NFL boredom is off-topic. LOL

Pure speculation. :stuck_out_tongue: