BREAKING NEWS - Blue Bombers to get DOMED stadium for 2010

A report in Winnipeg on Friday suggested that the current site for the new proposed stadium was getting a rivalry from 2 other city locations.

1- Point Douglas a spot near downtown that is adjacent to the beautiful city roadway called WATERFRONT drive. I've been to the downtown FORKS and this is one of the cities best attractions.

2- Convention centre. It would developed on a 2 spot parking lot. It would be domed and connected to the city Convention centre.

As of Saturday report in Winnipeg that Point Douglas was the front runner but as of Sunday morning i've learned from some sources in Winnipeg that the Blue Bombers are going to anounce on or about the first home game this week that the Blue Bombers and David Asper along with the city of Winnipeg and Federal government have agreed on building a $275 multi-purpose facility at the Covention centre location.

The stadium will seat between 33,000-36,000 with room to expand to 40,000 for Grey Cups or larger events.

It will be a domed stadium.

Part of the agreement that the Blue Bombers will also operate along with the Convention centre a newly developed entertainment centre located within the facility.

It will house sports bars, restaurants, sport museum, fitness centre, and also commercial develepment alongside another building connected to the new facility.

Another report is the city may be building another underground shopping walkway. But this has not been finalized yet.

So be prepared for the big news later this week.

is it april already???

...alright McMahon (or at least a McMahon wannabe)...what's your source?

....i'll wait for the official announcement....but yes....the deal is almost done according to Asper ...the biggest surprise , that's being reported is the type of stadium/centre that is going to be built ( the feds. really wanted that before giving the o.k.) and the location...hmmmmm this is going to be quite a stadium IF all of the story-line is's hoping :thup:

[b]i'm not sure what that is soppose to mean. I'm just giving you this information at this point. I'm telling you it's going to happen if the deal doesn't get broken off the next 2-3 days.

That would be hard to believe anyways, considering i've heard it's 90% done, they just have to get the ink to the paper.

Go to or for some more information at best.

But in the next few days, you will hear the final word from the big players.[/b]

just how much of my money are the feds supposed to contribute???

...perhaps you could provide a direct link to the "breaking news" you are referring to, since neither of those sites have anything regarding what you've stated here...

It better be retractable.... or else it could potentially kill the team

What a bush league post. Name your sources. This is a sketchy little operation you are running here.
I refuse to believe the new stadium would be domed. Domed stadiums are a travesty, especially in the CFL where the season only runs into November. Only those fair-weather fans (get it?) in BC need a permanent dome.

if u go to, there are links that say 'latest on 30-40K stadium..'...and 'asper says no matter where the stadium is built, it....'

when u click the links, it sends u to a blank page....

so maybe they are gonna post something soon?

Here is a link to a Winnipeg Free Press video clip about it, with interviews from Vic Toews, Doer and Katz....

[url=] ... 1618768012[/url]

What about Mr. Asper?

$275? Must be some facility :lol: . Will that be in Canadian or American funds. I think I have $275 worth of Canadian Tire money to contribute.

.....heh sure will be nice to see some big-fat fed. dollars end up in ol' Manitoba for a change...and yes the price-tag could reach as much as 275 Mil. according to some reports......still small potatos compared to the olympic dollars the feds. have coughed up now and in the past, for other provinces.... :wink:

With roads crumbling I do not want my taxes going to this. Pappa send me my share of tax back will you.'re $3.75 is in the mail... :lol:

Best thing Winnipeg could do. You're not gonna get any tax dollars and any good town motivation without some good city pride and being able to build new things in your city. Winnipeg would be a way bigger city now making way more money for this country had they made a new stadium for the Blue Bombers and Jets a LONG time ago.

NOw i ask you FYB, do you think any of these stadiums the government put money into made money, like for example the 70 year old stadiums between hamilton and Calgary? Or like i said before the Pacific COliseum in Vancouver, the Agrodome, Empire Stadium, BC place. Tax dollars to the government on top of Profits to the government. Don't know why thats so hard for taxpayers to understand. The Taxpayers took a huge blow when Half a million less people were spending money and tax dollars at the Molson Indy in Vancouver, and that didn't even require a stadium, just block off a few roads for a weekend, but apparently thats way more annoying than the Construction that goes on all day every day downtown (it isn't by the way i'm being sarcastic). I also lived by the PNE, people sitting at home not liking hearing other people have fun, well it didn't bother me the slightest. Thats what you get for living near playland, yet another government run organization that makes TONNNES of money for this city.


If there's nothing to do in your town its gonna look a lot like Winnipeg, and nobody's gonna want to come there, and nobody is gonna watn to spend money there then when Winnipeg stars crumbling the taxpayers will ahve to step up to some emergency lets help Winnipeg campaign that will end up costing much more in the end with no chance of profits for a lot longer time period than a new stadium for the Blue Bombers and they would've had even more if they built one for the Jets. The town might actually have some life again FYB, you bitching about taxpayer money being spent on this is so black and white and not based on any facts other than the morons who ran Skydome, and the big O, one was sold for too low of a price, one was built by a moron. In BC we take our time and care with these things so the big O doesn't happen here, thats why we're not rushing a roof on for 2010, wait till 2011 and the buzz from the olympics will be packin that stadium full each night for football bringing in millions in taxpayer money and profits for all the events that nearly take up the entire year at BC Place.

Some time ago Winnipeg announced that the stadium would have a roof covering the field only. Will this be a fully domed stadium like Montreal , Vancouver and Toronto?

Roads are crumbling in Alberta because your province was run by a monkey for 10 years...... Nothing to do with the feds.

The feds are helping fund a new billion-dollar bypass freeway in Montreal... And the feds just announced funding for a $1.5B hwy tunnel under Windsor to the U.S. Now, nobody expects them to build hwy's in Alberta or BC, the fastest growing regions of the country. Better to spend infrastructure dollars in slow-growth, but MP-rich eastern regions...A billion-dollar bridge to PEI, anyone?