BREAKING NEWS - Blue Bombers sold to ASPER-new stadium done

Thurseday morning the anouncemenet will be made shortly after 9am. You can hear the news live on our station at click listen live.

It's also being reported that a deal could be in place with David Asper sooner than later.

No details have been anounced yet but speculation is that the blue bombers will call a half covered 45,000 seat stadium home beginning in the 2011 season. Construction phase #1 will begin in June.

…FINALLY… :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
new era has begun… :smiley:

What are the details of the new stadium?

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The football-stadium debate that began more than four years ago may finally end this morning, as property developer Creswin and the University of Manitoba plan to announce the completion of a deal to create a new home for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Manitoba and federal governments are expected to each contribute $15 million to the $140 million project, with the province kicking in another $5 million for a fitness centre.

Creswin, the university, the Bombers and all three levels of government have told officials to gather at a 10:30 a.m. press conference that should reveal all the funding details of a stadium along Chancellor Matheson Road.

The deal will involve the creation of 1,500 jobs in construction and is expected to generate more than $20 million in tax revenue for the Manitoba government.

What remains undecided is how Asper will develop the site of the existing Polo Park stadium into retail stores.

Design work for the new stadium will start now, including how it will fit on the U of M site.

Shovels should be in the ground by fall, with the stadium expected to open by 2011.

The Winnipeg Football Club has been seeking a new home to replace Canad Inns stadium since late 2004.

After first trying to arranage deals for locations at Polo Park and South Point Douglas, Creswin owner David Asper and the U of M signed a memorandum of understanding last summer. But it took several more months to work out financing arrangements.

Under previously announced terms, the deal will see the city of Winnipeg sell Creswin the existing Canad Inns Stadium site at full market value, which will allow the company to use commercial revenues to help fund the new Bombers stadium development and a refurbishment of the existing University Stadium at the U of M.


Very Cool news !


Very happy to hear it!

Holy crap, Beer Barons was right.

Its great to see, but I see in the Globe that it is going to be a 30,000 seat stadium. Wasn't it supposed to be 40-45K?
Wonder why the Free Press announcement doesn't mention the stadium size but the Globe's announcement does?

Not sure whats the point in moving from one 30K seat stadium to another...although I guess maybe cheaper to operate and possibly more revenue for the team.

30k is the right size for the CFL, and the right size for Winnipeg. As long as the sideline stands hold it all. If that includes endzone seats, then you're right, and it is too small.

As long as they plan enough room to expand when needed, and don't go cheap on the amenities, it should be good.

...the new digs will have the ability to expand to 45,000......There will be special seating and high-end boxes .... and special attention paid to dressing areas. etc...... for the public and for me...just having new washrooms is a bonus and........... okay..... the concessions.... :wink:

Sounds like it will be a pretty nice stadium. Congratulations!

I thought this was somewhat sobering:

"Ottawa’s $15 million earmarked to the athletic components only, said senior Manitoba MP Vic Toews.
Ottawa was fearful of setting a precedent by providing funding for professional football. "

So, let me get this a time when governments are willing to spend billions on stimulus packages (to create jobs) all they can come up with is 15M, and not for the new stadium, but for the athletic components for the students and community.

For the life of me, I just can not understand how Ottawa can justify building hockey stadiums by the dozens (often for privately owned junior or senior professional teams) and a soccer-only stadium for 1 professional soccer team, but they can't justify building stadiums for pro football. Even though those same stadiums would be used for all levels of amateur athletics as well.

Says an awful lot about our prospects for getting stadiums built in new CFL towns. I was hopeful we had turned a corner on this given that the Fed's are anxious to get shovels in the ground and get people working, but doesn't look like it.

Definitely looking forward to the new washrooms, i think the stadium is worth it right there. Absolutely cannot wait for the new stadium, Canad Inns is becoming a dump but I’ll miss the old place when the swan song is sung.

It was the House that Jack built and the house that Kevin tore down. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to Winnipeg fans, may the new stadium generate new memories and good times :smiley:

It'll be a bit more will a father be able to take his son to a game and say things like "See that far goalpost? That's the same goalpost that Serna missed three different times in one half of football...."

Great news for both the Bombers, city of Winnipeg, U of Manitoba, and the CFL as a whole! Hopefully this will be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of stadium construction/renovation throughout the league.

In one of the sketches that was provided in one of the articles today, it appeared the stadium had 2 decks as opposed to the one that was discussed before. Also, it appeared that their will be a secondary smaller stadium adjacent to the Bombers proposed stadium that I assume will play host to the U of Manitoba's Bison's football program which should also be a HUGE improvement over what they had before.

will the stadium be cable to host a decent grey cup? i wish they would build all stadiums like edmonton. that is my fav. stadium in the cfl. i hope the new ownership is awesome.

How sweet it is.
I heard Mr. Asper with McCown on Sportsnet/Fan 590 and he said about 14 months to build, they have one small hurdle and the money is basically in place.
A new mall will be built next door where the current CI stadium is located.
Over to you Regina, Hamilton and Ottawa.

How long before Asper puts quality people to run his investment. I'm thinking 9 months tops.

ahem.."cough cough"

This new stadium will be expandle and can in time be build larger. What the stadium will look like opening day is just going to be the beginning of something bigger and better.
As long as the Winnipeg fans keep the seats full then the push to expand it will happen sooner.
But what do I know,lol I only have bragging rights because you heard this from me first.
You people are great.


Wow, is all I can say!! I honestly thought this whole thing was as dead as a mosquito in the ponds around Winnipeg. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, to be honest, this is great for Winnipeg and has put Winnipeg out there as a city that is more than just a city somewhere between east and west in no where land. Not any more, that's for sure :thup:

Also U of M which really, hardly anyone knows about in Canada really. Again, not any more. :thup: