BREAKING NEWS - big trouble for CFL ---New Football league!

This is why the CFL needs a better commisioner.

A new football league called All American Football League will start in 2007 and has been in the works for over 6 years, and the past 2 years the deal has been worked on.

It will be basically additional college years.

You must have graduated and will set in college football towns, and played-ya, in the home college stadiums.

Get this, the average salary will be $100,000.

So it will be almost impossible for a CFL team to cash in on someone who wants to to play in the former college home, to come play in the CFL.

This is why the CFL needs a better commisioner and put CFL on a larger map.

It doesn't need to expand, but comes a growing league, comes more $$$ to pay our top players, and let our teams build a top football staff to manage operations better.

This has improved over the last 5 years, but not enough.

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where did you get this information from. and i really hope you rember that other leauge the xfl :stuck_out_tongue: realx

What did they say today about the new league. I heard people in Calgary have heard that 2 teams could be near them, and they also heard Florida State, Florida, and Auburn will have a team.

CFL teams will should lock up upcoming FA NOW!

When you post you should post links like the one below to support your posts.

A group of college officials headed by former NCAA president Cedric Dempsey is unveiling plans in New York for a new spring minor football league, according to a report in USA Today.

The newspaper also points out an interesting twist — the eight teams will use colleges as their "bases" and feature players from those schools and their affiliated conferences and surrounding regions.
The teams will play their games in the schools' facilities or in bowl stadiums. All 44-48 players per team must have graduated from college and exhausted their college eligibility.

"When you look at some of the minor leagues that failed, this is a different model," said Dempsey, chairman of the All American Football League's managing board. "I think it'll have a lot of interest from a fan standpoint."

When the league begins play in 2007, each team will likely play a 14-game schedule from the second week of April through the end of June.

Dempsey declined to say which schools would be affiliated — only that they will be tied to the Big Ten, Southeastern and Atlantic Coast conferences.

USA Today says the AAFL will start stocking rosters after the NFL's April draft. Players, who'll be employed by the league, will earn about $100,000.

What's more, affiliated schools will receive $3 million in stadium rent and would be permitted to keep revenue from parking and concessions.

It is an arrangement Dempsey reportedly says could earn schools up to $5 million at a time when their facilities go primarily unused.

BREAKING NEWS - the CFL has survived many leagues that were supposedly going to dry up the talent pool. USFL... XFL... Arena... NFL-E...

Hmmm, we seem to have weathered those storms without even getting wet.


Don't forget the WFL.

New leagues come and go.

The CFL has a long rich history and will always be around.

People in the U.S want NCAA and NFL. Thier hype machines are marketing experts. Anything else will be dull, dull, dull.

Spring is for baseball and basketball.

At least no college graduate would ever consider putting "He Hate Me" on his jersey.

Our American cousins only want the NFL and NCAA. This new league is among a list of leagues to come and go. Only 2 survived, CFL and amalgamated NFL.

Better question.

Why does same post get put into several threads.

Since I dealt with this "breaking news" on main site, let me add to the list.

Continental Football League, World Football League, Professional Spring Football League, USFL, World League of Americasn Football Pts I and II, whatever the league that Ted Turner and NBC were going to form before the XFL.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many college football players graduate or otherwise become available for pro teams each year?

Hint: It's more than 100. :roll:

Imports - 10 cents a dozen
Canadians - builds champions

Oh, I don't know about that. US football players graduating from college does not necessarily equate to being grammatical.

I imagine Rod Smart attended college at some point.

Could not have said it better myself. Awsome

McMahon's brand of "caveman talk" sounds familiar! McMahon, were you "Steel Tiger" on the old forum?

If so, keep up good laugh!

the all american football league has al ready existed.It started in 1957 and ended in 1966.It consisted of the Boston Patriots,Carolina Stampeders,Chicago Bears,New York Giants,Norfolk Neptunes,Arkansas Southmen,Dallas Texans,Denver Broncos,Duluth Eskimos,Los Angeles Dons,Portland Stingrays,Pittsburgh Steelers.


I heard some unknown people say that they heard that somebody they heard of heard that McMahon heard that he thought he heard there might be a new football league somewhere, someday, maybe. Or so he heard.

Reports indicate Alberta is about to separate from Canada, relocate in the deep south, so the Stampeders will have a shorter drive to conference rivals Florida State and Auburn.

Why are people so quick to put down a new football league? Personally, I think it would have been great if one or more of the other attempts to create a league had survived. The CFL has a unique brand of football, and I’m sure it would survive regardless of the existence of other leagues.

I hope the new league does get started, and I hope its successful. It would create the opportunity for a couple of hundred college grads to continue to play and earn a living, and it would create new interest in communities involved.

Where is the down side? Or are you guys who don’t want it to start up and succeed “fair weather” fans who are afraid the CFL will be hurt by a team thousands of miles away? Wow!

And even if there is a team in or around Calgary, the Stamps are in the CFL, and they will be OK. Don’t worry, be happy!

Ho-hum. NCAA graduate players basically right? which means the calibre will be prety mediocre. Why is it that Canadians tend to think that any NCAA player is a short step away from being a pro in any league? In fact, the vast majority of those 1,000s of US college players that are available year after year after year are not good enough to play pro ball in any league. So now, many will have a chance to earn a few bucks playing in their old college towns—good for them. But a threat to the CFL?

Gimme a break.

An Argo fan