BREAKING NEWS - big trouble for CFL ---New Football league!

This is why the CFL needs a better commisioner.

A new football league called All American Football League will start in 2007 and has been in the works for over 6 years, and the past 2 years the deal has been worked on.

It will be basically additional college years.

You must have graduated and will set in college football towns, and played-ya, in the home college stadiums.

Get this, the average salary will be $100,000.

So it will be almost impossible for a CFL team to cash in on someone who wants to to play in the former college home, to come play in the CFL.

This is why the CFL needs a better commisioner and put CFL on a larger map.

It doesn't need to expand, but comes a growing league, comes more $$$ to pay our top players, and let our teams build a top football staff to manage operations better.

This has improved over the last 5 years, but not enough.

This guy has to be Marty York!

We need to get some more information on this new league, as I wonder what the CFL is thinking.

Any thoughts? On what your local team is saying?

When you post you should post links like the one below to support your posts.

A group of college officials headed by former NCAA president Cedric Dempsey is unveiling plans in New York for a new spring minor football league, according to a report in USA Today.

The newspaper also points out an interesting twist — the eight teams will use colleges as their "bases" and feature players from those schools and their affiliated conferences and surrounding regions.
The teams will play their games in the schools' facilities or in bowl stadiums. All 44-48 players per team must have graduated from college and exhausted their college eligibility.

"When you look at some of the minor leagues that failed, this is a different model," said Dempsey, chairman of the All American Football League's managing board. "I think it'll have a lot of interest from a fan standpoint."

When the league begins play in 2007, each team will likely play a 14-game schedule from the second week of April through the end of June.

Dempsey declined to say which schools would be affiliated — only that they will be tied to the Big Ten, Southeastern and Atlantic Coast conferences.

USA Today says the AAFL will start stocking rosters after the NFL's April draft. Players, who'll be employed by the league, will earn about $100,000.

What's more, affiliated schools will receive $3 million in stadium rent and would be permitted to keep revenue from parking and concessions.

It is an arrangement Dempsey reportedly says could earn schools up to $5 million at a time when their facilities go primarily unused.

They said the same thing about the XFL

Exactly, much to do about nothing.

I could say that the only thing “breaking” about this or similar posts from him is wind.

But I wouldn’t want to be a bad boy, now would I. So I won’t say it.

If I had the time, energy or inclination I could start rhyming off all the supposed new football leagues that were going to start up within the last decade and how they did squat — if they ever got going. It’s often just publicity seekers.

It’s amazing how some of these —inc. spring leagues — had some new gimmick that was going to ensure their success.

One of these spring leagues barely got off the ground and tanked before its first season. Seems to me Don Narcisse, ex-Rider was somehow involved

Is this another hair brain scheme of Vince McMahon? It's a good thing and probably the only time the league BOG's agreed not to sell out when money bags Vince came calling with his XFL idea. If I recall even that was not an unanimous vote by the BOG. Some wanted to explore the possibility while the majority wanted nothing to do with it.
I am not sure but Vince or someone with a large imagination, was throwing around $100M for all the then CFL to split up and to join in.
And the rest as they say is history.

Tory and Giles didn't necessarily agree with original idea but they presented it to BOG because they had to decide. It wasn't unanimous against it originally, believe it or not.

McMahon had wanted to buy entire CFL and set up operations same way as XFL would later be --- League set salaries, paid players etc.

Giles tried to get MCMahon just to buy Argonauts.

When BOG eventually turned McMahon's scheme down, he threatened to destroy the League. If by that, he meant the XFL, then he kinda missed the mark.

I also remember the Canadian President of the then WWF(now WWE) and I still think he is around, bad mouthing the CFL for not taking this “deal” and how it would not survive.
I forget his name, but he was a real idiot and to boot a Canadian.

If its the same dingus they have running "WWE Canada" now as it was back then, that would be Carl DeMarco; a guy who's been to event catering once too often, IMO.

Thanks mongo, he is the one and yes first in line for the buffet.

Nothing for us to worry about methinks. I remember the USFL, the WFL, and the XFL. Only thing worth remembering was in one of those leagues, one of the first two but I forget which, the Orlando team had fluorescent green jerseys, which was kind of cool. Kerwin Bell was their QB.

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North Amercias oldest league needs to worry! hmmm how many leagues have come and gone! :lol:

Thank you, Bill Murray from the first "Meatballs" movie. :roll:

Hence the cover of a certain book. :lol:

There's plenty of tombstones depicting failed leagues and the perfect symbol for CFL.


does mongo want more banana :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Why would they pay players so much? $100k is pretty good money for a recent college grad. They could pay them $50k and 99% of the players would still play...

Perhaps they have a lucurative TV contract and can afford high salaries, but unless they offer something different than minor league NFL, (like XFL tried) I can't see it catching on.

If anyone should be worried, its NFLE which will play head to head against them in the Spring.

It is conceivable that NFLE, AFL and the new league's players could still continue to play a full season in the CFL as well with our season starting at the end of June.

it'll be dead within 2 years.