I’m so sorry i didnt even lok im so excited I had to do this, on CH News top story they just reported the Cats have called a 4:00pm News Conference today to announce the signing og Casey Printers, It is currently a Verbal deal, but they said he is on the flight to Hamilton now to sign which is a 3 year 500,000 dollar deal :smiley: So its official ppl we got Printers!!! WHOOOOOAAAAAAAA this is best newss ive heard all season :rockin:

They said acording to CH "We'll announce his signing or we'll tell you how he got away....(not verbatum)

Casey is flying to Buffalo and on his way to Hamilton right now ,BUT hasn't signed anything it sounds like.

I really hope reports of this are true.

The team hasn't announced a press conference yet, not on this site anyway. There are just media reports of it, not an announcement. I'm keeping some powder dry until the announcement comes from the team officially.

I sure hope Printers doesn't check his Blackberry and get a message from Montreal and decide to go there instead after all.

Regardless what the final outcome may be, Bob Young, Scott Mitchell and Marcel Desjardins deserve huge credit for their work on this.

I’ll wait for him to win us a game before I give a damn

Easy there Mr. Negativity...
This is a great signing, but it's just a step in the right direction. We need serious help in the secondary and our O-line needs some help too. But Printers is a HUGE addition, and should atleast get us a win or two just by himself. The guy's a beast.

I can't wait to see him strap up in the black and gold!!

I agree, so we have another QB, GREAT ! Now when do we get an O-line to prectect him so he's not running for his life at the snap like the other 3 Qb's have been doing all season so far.

Unlike the other three QB’s, Printers can actually run…fast.

With a little help from his new team mates maybe this will happen, but remember CP is One person, not a whole team. I'm a new fan and I want to say what's up ti-cats, I'm excited to be apart of your fan base. Me and my family here in Houston are trying to get a CFL package, so we can watch your games here in Houston, Texas. You're getting a very nice, hard working young man. Good Luck...

This just in from CH News… Printers and his agents are on the QEW heading to the Ticats Operations office for 2pm est to sign the contract and will officially announce the signing at 4pm est

Williams has some wheels and Chang is mobile. Printers is scary good re acceleration. Joseph may have an edge in his ability to break tackles, but Casey has better lateral movement from my educated unbatting eye.

Regardless, this is going to be way fun to see this unfold.

Oski Wee Wee,

Printers has a lot of young people around him but he will be here for 3 yrs and the young talent will grow around him.

And one thing Casey does bring to the table, along with his MVP award, is respectability and legitimacy to the franchise as they try to get rid of the losing culture in Hamilton.

It will attract free agents, especially from B.C. and other western teams since they are more familiar with him.

The positives of this signing seem to greatly outweigh any negatives I can think of.

Great work Bob, Scott, Marcel, and Co.

  • paul

If Taaffe has any hair left after this season there wont be much. :smiley:

Don't expect too many fans here to accept or understand that. Our fans are very similar to Philly Eagle fans as Hamilton is a labourer city and the fans are relentless and very cruel and fail to grasp the concept that you need patience with a new q.b and they also put 100% of the blame on the q.b. If he gets sacked because they gave him 1 second to throw many fans will get worked into a frenzy yelling at the q.b for not getting the ball off. Our back up has been our favorite player for the last 55 years, until he plays then our favorite player becomes the third string q.b.

welcome Houstonian, Casey is a serious QB and I hope he lights up for the Cats.

yeah it was on the score ticker.

Yes indeed! Welcome!

I want to be first to really put this down here on It takes two to tango and to locker room imbroglio. The benching of an injured-but-good-to-go Casey Printers for a cold-freshly-uninjured Dave Dickenson in the 2004 Grey Cup was the kind of surreal snub that, well, lives on in lore whether Buono apologists like it or not.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Perhaps in the air-conditioned Big O come November 2008. We shall see.

Does Casey have an ego? Wouldn't you? He wanted to be the man, made it clearly known, competed, didn't pull a Lamaresque meltdown, and we know what happened.

The villification of the man in some quarters is breathtaking. He comes off closer to Buck Owens than Terrell Owens in the grand scheme of things, but I digress.


I bet dollars to Tim Horton donuts that the Ticat locker room will blossom with leadership. Casey leads ON THE FIELD.
In the calculus of character building for a football club, that's the biggest element, period.

I expect the NFL experience has made him a more mature football player. I am not interested in saints, unless Bush and Brees are on the telly...

Combine that with Zeke, Jesse, Tay, Cedric Gagne-Runoveryou and the recipe for a Cat comeback is in the oven. Bet on it.


This just in:

Printers' entourage has stopped at a Tim Horton's.

Washroom is occupied.

I have a TV tuner on my computer and capture all the Ti-Cats games direct to my hard drive. I don't mind hooking you up as long as you have high speed internet.

3 years for 500 grand a year, the good news we get talman back and along with ralph and armstead and bouman with a good running game we got tons of young potential.but we need a co-ordinator now to get a balanced offence going for any hope.