Breaking news 2nd edition!

EE, if he wants to watch a good game in Winnipeg, he better settle for the Grey Cup game… :wink:

very nice...

Bombers ARE going to be playing in the GC, so that's tow birds with one stone!

Remeber, I said that we just had to make the playoffs, and then beat TO and Montreal! and with the looks of the team with Glenn and Stegail with the team, and with Montreal on the decline, that looks like a real possibulty!

Thrid: I don't know mate, my roots with my favoite and less favoite teams run very deep.

KK in Alaska the next moring (Fairbanks, can't get to Juno): HEY! WHERE IS EVERYBODY???

Only gotta make the playoff
Only gotta beat Toronto
Only gotta beat Montreal

Sounds like shoe in :roll:

the following is KK's Blue Bomber Plan to sucess! :lol:

Bombers just need to make it to the playoffs, and come out flying in the playoffs, we know they can beat Toronto, Montreal is really the big ?. this plan anything like you're strategic "let's let them build up a first half lead, then beat them in the second half" plan? :wink:

ok, you guys remeber the flag I put up here a while back? the Red and Blue Canadian flag? that's the one I ordered. I like it for the following reasons.

  1. looks like a Molson beer can, or a labatt one (but that's blue and red with some gold)
  2. minus the trapazoids the NHL has added, it's looks like a hockey rink, Canada's #1 sport
  3. The colors are suppost to give it a more french feel, but the tri color design already does that, and IMO, it gives the flag a more of a Great Bratain feel (Red, Blue, and White, as opposted to Red and Whte, which reps just the English) than anything, w/o the jack (I HATE THAT JACK!)
  4. For me, it's like a rep of MY canada, becase it represents Alaska in the West (which would be, and should be apart of Canada) and St. Pierre and Minqunie in the East.
  5. The Maple Leaf (which represents the founding and current provinces, plus the three main groups, Anglos, Francos, and Natives) will never change, and I never want to see it change.

yeah, that's it, and end up with a 9 and 9 recond, good enough to make the playoffs.

I though ya needed 10 wins

10 was ideal (so no theat from the CO), but with 9 when can still do it, but will not be as "safe" as before.

Ro, could you post that link to the RDS French online radio station one last time?

And I just chink on en direct right?

Sorry KK I will be in Las Vegas come Grey Cup! The ice burg in Peg does not appeal to me.

do you know where I can get a hat like the Calgary HC has?

please, RO, pretty please!!!

How about pming, rather than begging online??

Its not RDS radio!

but you know what I'm talking about. Today's the day I hear a CFL game in French!

KK I swear if its not on wikipedia you cant find it!

Here I will give you directions instead!

  1. go to the top of this page and click on the Als logo.)
  2. click on skip intro(or watch the intro,your choise.)
  3. click on schedule located on the left side of the page!)
  4. look on top! See where it says Listen to the game? Click on CKAC!


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