Breaking news 2nd edition!

Winnipeg be prepared! Moblize everything you have! I have an inside tip that one Kanga Kuncha is coming to your city! He is going to disguise himself as a suit case! Be very afraid!


Link doesn't work, but it's ture!

I'll be coming to town for the Grey Cup, I'll be their on Friday to party at the various team's parties going on. Sightseeing the city on Saturday, and at the game in the North endzone!

See ya then!

You're gonna have to hold court at some point for your fans, the curious, the aspiring assassins, etc.

You should definitely be going to Spirit of Edmonton too. TouchMe Manitoba and that stuff's all well and good, but SoE rules.

I was going to suggest that KK take in a Moose game while he was there, but a look at their sked has them in Rochester the Friday night, then in Syracuse on Saturday night. So much for a gridiron and ice twin-bill.

nah, Edmonton would tear me apart.

TouchMe Manitoba... What over Parties are their?

and what places in Winnipeg should I see? places to eat? etc.

I'll get a Moose T-shirt, that will do, and besides, I don't like the AHL much, I do like the ECHL (GO ACES!!! and no touch icing).

Aww c'mon KK..I'd like to hear about you staggering around Portage and Main after getting a few belts of "sloose juice" into ya at the SoE brekkie. :lol:

Maybe I go and shot "EE SUCKS!!!" at the front door, but nothing much else, I don't buy into the Evil Empire crap, sry.

Gonna try and hold out for one of those Stampede(r) breakfasts then, eh? No biggie. To each their own.

BTW, I'm also getting the Canada Duality Flag in the mail any day now, why did I order it, for several reaons, which I will expain later. Details to come, as Mac says.

I might make an appearance at that, to say G'day to RW2K5 and RW. Also get a Stamp hat with their second logo.

WTF? where are those calgary hats on the CFL shop? the ones like the Stamp's HC wears?

KK, when you go to Grey Cup festivities, you put your fanatism on the ice before the game and attend all teams party. People are fun even if they cheer for the team that will take on yours in the Big Game. Those parties are made so the Grey Cup becomes a big coast-to-coast party.

I suggest you drop by each one. And I suggest you then go party hard with the Blue Lightning cheer squad.

Good advice Third, my neighbour who has gone to a few tells me they are all good. He highlights the Calgary Breakfast and the Spirit of Edmonton is a must!

...Third, you do realise if our teams are there we are going and we are going to make sure KK has such a good time he eventually sobers up somewhere on the Poland/Russia border don't you?.....

Is that before or after you paint him red?

...and half blue too Sporty....

... Red, don't you mean he might sober up somwhere near Alaska's border? That would definately ends his magical trip in the most memorable fashion.

Can you imagine.... Winnipeg and Alaska on the same weekend. Imagine the... uh... the nightlife, ... the... uh... the ice and the snow, ... the... the roadmaps with only a few roads on it...


......I'm in for half his Greyhound ticket to Juno if you are..."no please Mr. Bus Driver, this guy HAS to make it to Juno, his girlfriend Dolphin-Koala will be crushed if he doesn't meet her there, he'll just sleep quietly in his seat".....

Being a Bomber fan shouldn't you save the trip and instead go to Winnipeg when they're playing?