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Other indigenous trees are offended so Toronto will now simply be called The Toronto Leafs and add Beech, Oak, and Birch leaves to their logo. haha

Sorry but my wife just showed me a rendering of a hawk head logo with the same colour pattern as the Black Hawks logo on facebook which I don't go on. It actually looked cool but..When the hell will it end? I've never thought of the Black Hawks logo as offensive. What can be offensive about a historic type logo of an obviously strong, tough aboriginal figure. Not once has my mind gone to wow that's racist. Aboriginal peoples still dress in historic beautiful dress for all types of ceremonies.

It's way to difficult as a so called white person ( I'm not really white perhaps off white or light brown when tanned) to keep up with how we are offensive to everyone. I got crap for mentioned that someone was Oriental because I forgot that they are Asian now. However I still remember back at Humber College in the early 80's when two black guys sat on either side of me on a bench and started to converse. One points to a white guy and says see whitey over there. I was like really?? Then while living in The Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island only about six years ago a native man wrote into the Cowichan Valley Citizen and all through his letter he had Whitey this and Whitey that. I find that offensive and here was printed in our paper.

The Leafs should be called The Manitoba Maples (softer wood, weed/junk Maple).

Los Angeles Kings

7 - 0

Toronto Maple Leafs

At least my Petes won last night.