breaking eskie news

the team 1260 has announced the eskimos have signed kevin lefsrud, they didnt say term....but im thinking only one year

It not that breaking.....its on the main page

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welll an hour and a half ago it wasnt....but thnks ro

This is very good news, I had recently heard that Kevin expected to sign with an Eastern club but I am happy my source was wrong.

…wasn’t there some bad blood between kevin and danny last year, money wise?..

Lefsrud is only 30 years old. He retired at the end of the 2005 season, as he had inherited his Dad's large farm operation outside of Edmonton, and it is a full time job to run. Basically, he said to the Eskimos that it was no longer financially viable to play football, unless he got a raise, as he would have to pay a hired hand to run his farm all summer, while he played football. The Eskimos said they were paying him all they could afford to pay him, even though other teams were paying their top Canadian offensive linemen more. I highly doubt there was any "bad blood" between Lefsrud and anybody on the Eskimos, considering he was rumoured to be close to coming back towards the end of last season, before breaking his wrist in a farming accident.

Not sure if his return is due to the Eskimos caving in and giving him more money, or if he just missed football too much. It would have taken a huge offer from an Eastern team to make him go there, considering proximity to his farm is one of the major advantages to playing in Edmonton. No matter what, it is a huge addition to the Eskies O-line, that will provide some much needed depth. Lefsrud is a Canadian, and was the Eskies best O-lineman before he retired.

This is great news for the Eskimos! This move basically eliminates the o-line pass protection problem, IMO. This also means that we may be saying goodbye to Roundtree(despite his impressive play last season) and going with an all Canadian line. I guess the release of 4 NI's over the past week were needed to clear some salary space for Lefsrud.

This is amongst the best moves in the off-season for the Eskimos IMO, and will affect the performance of the entire offence quite dramatically.

I have to admit, the Eskimos have probably made the best off season acquistions of any team in the league, and to have Lefs back just solidifies that young oline and NI talent.

What amazes me is how quietly they have done this.(Acquisitions). I may have to change my pre-season prediction and put them ahead of the Riders.

wow sporty in your old age your getting more reasonable lol

pfft doesnt' mean anything.. they'll still be the same team basically.

Riders will be better. no one's giving them any chance.

You don't think the team has made some major changes???

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Releases/Retirements/Trades During Off-Season

Glen Carson - traded

Troy Davis* - released
Antonio Warren* - released

Ed Hervey* - retired
Nicholas Bisallion - released
Richard Alston* - traded
Rob Leblanc - released


Steve Charbonneau - released
Randy Spencer - released
Jermaine Lee - released

Singor Mobley* - released/retired
Andre Sommersel* - released
Quincy Stewart* - released
Anthony Floyd* - released
Steven Marsh* - released
Jean-Phillipe Abraham - released

Jason Nugent - traded
Kelly Wiltshire - released
Malcolm Frank* - retired
Donny Brady* - released
Keyuo Craver* - released
Reggie Durden* - released
Roosevelt Williams* - released

Acqusitions Over the Off-Season


Stephen Lefors*

Johnathon Landon
Kevin Lefsrud
Tim O'Neil
Teriss Paliwoda
Tony Tella*

Phillip Brock*
Calvin McCarty
Josh Ranek*

TJ Acree*
Patrick Johnson*
Kamau Peterson
Fred Stamps*
Kendrick Starling*
Vince Strang*
Taco Wallace*

Warren Kean


Thomas Caroll*
Ronnie Heard*
Michael Jean-Louis
Mike Murphy*
Ron Warner*

Kenny Onatolu*
Ray Perryman*
Russel Rabe*

Ricky Bell*
Omar Morgan*
Stanford Samuels*
Jason Nedd
Jason Goss*
Sideeq Shabazz*
Ahmad Treaudo*
Ray Williams*
Ricky Williams*

*= import

That sure is a LOT of changes. I wonder how well all those new players will be able to pick up the Esks system and gell into a team to be reckoned with.

I suspect it will take several games.

You're right! It will most certainly take some time for all of these changes to set in. And in the end, hopefully it will work out positively.

....heh heh heh....Taco....

...seriously though, thanks for listing that info 123...I kinda knew you guys made some changes but, man, when you list it out like that it's more like a house cleaning than just some changes...impressive...

Yeah, it was essentially a complete change for the team personnel wise. It's going to be interesting to see if WR "Fred Stamps" makes the team. He won't hear the end of it from fans, teammates and the media!