there aren’t enough players listed.

Thats a great point. Just shows how important teams are and why they should at least be represented on the All Star team. There are so many deserving players. Also points to the fact that there are more than enough talented National players to fill the 21 roster spots. Plenty of veteran players who do teams full time. Also allows for plenty more rookie and 2nd year draft picks that are able to get there start on teams. Some will develop into starters or key rotating players. Some will take on the full time role as Teams Specialists.
The CFL beginning to spotlight these players more will make the product even more attractive for sports fans in Canada to watch and take even a bigger interest. Especially looking to attract fans and possible expansion or placing a team outside a major city in the GTA/ Southern Ontario market.
Whether it be QC or in a Mississiuga, K-W region, or in the Atlantic region following players from the HS to University level will be people they know and connect with.