Is there even a choice here? Has to be Banks.


See that?
An Argos fan that has no problem voting for a Tiger-cats player.
It's not a big challenge.

Looks like the league agrees.

Here's hoping that, if he doesn't land a spot in the NFL, he's back in Black and Gold next year.

Will be interesting to see what happens with Banks. His knock in the NFL was no having the ability to be a receiver as part of the offense. He was able to rectify that in 2014 with Hamilton. When he was in on offense before the season his abilities were limited so defenses could adjust accordingly.
On the flip Thigpen and now Williams have been able to be mainly a returner. So it may be trending back into the NFL to keep a roster player as specifically a return specialist.
Banks is a unique situation now. After spending his first few seasons in the NFL crossed the border in his mid 20’s.
While Thigpen and Williams did the opposite.
Williams did not become a main returner until 2012 in Hamilton. A 1000 yard receiver in '11 and '12 he become part of a committee of returners as a punt return specialist and the rest is history.
Players starting in the CFL then heading to the NFL in mid 20’s often do return to the CFL.
For Banks starting in the NFL then crossing the border in his mid 20’s. Returning to the NFL in his late 20’s is a lot more uncommon.

And those three years in the NFL may be what limits interest in him, as teams would need to pay him more than Thigpen or Williams, who were still considered rookies after leaving the CFL, and also can't put him on their practice rosters.

exactly. So it will be really interesting to see how many NFL teams would have serious interest. His return skills were there in the NFL as well. Is salary as a 4th year NFL players places him around 750K i believe. Still whether an NFL club would be confident in his receiving skills could be an issue for those teams whose philosophy dictates that. Others with a mindset of considering a return specialist only may not be concerned as much.
32 NFL teams with a base of several philosophies that they think gives them an edge.
Obviously very popular in Edmonton and a player Austin coveted would want him back for sure. How much can they pay him after hitting last years FA's hard. The raise in the salary cap would likely afford teams more $$$ to up the high end players salaries.
Lots of media exposure could possibly break through a decent endorsement/ spokes person deal that may be coming now that the CFL has hit some major league coverage among TSN. That along with a projected amount longer term job security in Hamilton or other CFL teams.