Much as it pains me to vote for an Argo, this guy was just plain good at ball placement, especially at nailing that coffin corner.

This isn't even a contest, Swayze is the best punter in the league.

Considering how much punting occurs in today"s CFL it seems strange that all punters are not American. Medlock is probably the best field goal kicker when you account for distance as well. There is way more field goal attempts in the CFL as well, so with only 7 spots being mandated as National spots now, I would consider having one American as a punter and one American as a kicker.With special teams literally being one third of the game, I believe the extra 50 yards on punts (field position) and couple extra points a game(longer range field goals) are now worth the import spots because there are only 7 Canadian spots to fill .....4 o-lineman,one D- lineman, two receivers. Or replace one of those with a running back
For the record, I am completely against this and believe that the the CFL should return to 10 starting Canadians.I enjoy the fact that A Canadian like Lui, or Jerry Kauric can become a Grey Cup hero and be a Canadian. My above comment is based sheerly on competivness with the current 7 man limit. People say that the quality of play would go down if it was increased back to 10, yet the excitement level was much higher back when there was 10 Canadian starters. The reason for this may actually be a flaw in the Canadian game. I hope that I am wrong, but I think the higher the skill level gets in the CFL, the more boring the games get. This last season seen a lot of penalties, dropped passes and missed receivers, so this year's play was a bit of an anomaly (fingers crossed) Overall, the skill in the CFL has increased substantially in the last two decades. The Canadian talent has improved drasicly, but with 3 more American spots and more men allowed on the roster (38 before- 43 now) the overall skill has increased a lot.The skill of defensive backs in the league has improved substantially. The ability to tackle has also improved vastly from the 90s. Most importantly though, the speed of the d lineman has improved vastly and the QBs have very little time to get rid of the ball an being a scrambling QB used to be asset, is now a liability ,because the QBs are being hit at such a speed that they are being injured much more frequently now.

I dont necessarily think that both punter and kicker spots should be american. With the now extra roster spots unless you are as good as swayze Walters at both. Teams should not look to cut corners and carry on do it all kicker especially now that at the university and HS levels that most kickers specialize in one or the other.
As for 7 National starters being the mandate. In this age of football there are more than 7 that see constant playing time on both offense or defense.
You have 3 rotating DT and 3 rotating DE's
More National players are stepping in and starting at the field Corner, being the 6th cover DB with 5 starting, as well as starting safety or a solid back up safety that can start an/or be a big part of the teams third of the game.
Certainly on offense now their are National receivers that are among the top 2 or 3 on a team. As well as having 3 Internaitonal and 3 national receivers dressing for the 5 receive package spots and packages.
FB/TE are now back into the action now on offense on a regular basis as receiving threats not just extra blockers.
Also have more National RBs that are packages in as a change up or hybrid back. As well as a top ball carrying #2 who can play all teams as well.
every team has at least 10 National players that see constant time on O and D now even if only 7 are considered "starters".
A bit off track on the punting thread here but that is why myself and others think that the All Star selection positions should adjust to the modern positions that see regular field time on O, D, and Teams

The issue isn’t the seven starting national players, it’s the four designated internationals. Those are the four international players who can sub in for the 16 starting internationals. Using two of those spots for kickers leaves only two DIs to come in on regular plays. Most teams would prefer not to do that. One spot for a player who plays only special teams isn’t too much of a problem, but two would create a problem.

Thanks for that info.. I did not realize how complicated the situation was... You guys obviously know a lot more about the CFL than I

I get the 4 DIs and not wanting to use 2 spots on kickers. To have a one in all kicker whether national or international that struggles with either punting or FG kicking does not make with the importance of the kicking game. If you allow a pro athlete who is a kicker and allow him to concentrate on one or the other their will be those who can take it to the next level.
Look at Rob Maver. He was injured and in came a better FG kicker. He went and concentrated on his punting and now he is an all star calibre punter.
Its always talked about having 4 DI's now opposed to 3. Forgotten is that there are also 21 National roster spots up from 20. So there is that extra roster spot for a second kicker to specialize in one or the other as needed. There still leaves plenty of spots for the top rookies to take their roster spots breaking in on teams. And have several spots for vets who are like teams starters and can play all of the teams at a high level.

I also think that, with the additional two roster spots, teams should be able to have two specialist kickers rather than a single dual-role kicker, if only to make sure they have a backup for each in case of injury. But I can definitely see not having two international kickers on the roster for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

For sure. Having two separate kicking specialists is prominent in this day in age. Unless you have a Swayze Walters International or National it is noticable when most are doing just on job and then pressed into both they fall off of where they were with there better special.
The do it all kicker were for the days of 30 man rosters. No reason or room to skimp on the kicking game in the modern football era. 4 DI spots and 21 national spots on the roster easily gives space for specialists punter and kicker.