Breakfast sandwiches - Drive thru or not .

Today I tried the Guacamole bacon and egger on a English muffin at A & W and it was surprisingly really good . The flavours mixed really well . The guac was suppose to be spicy but it was mild and added a splash of flavour that enhanced the sandwich considerably .

A & W also has a great bacon and egg plate with toast that is pretty good if you go and sit in . Pretty hard to mess it up unless they don't make the eggs the way u want it .

Last week I tried the new bagel sandwich BLT with egg at McDonald's . It was a quality sandwich and was surprised at the quality of product and taste .

I LOVE McGriddles. Too bad the calories are thru the roof.

don't drive thru, but if I did, it would be for egg mcmuffins.

otherwise, denny's breakfast for me.

Egg McMuffins from McDs have always had a soft spot with me. Never a bad time to have an egg mcmuffin. We make them at home on Saturday mornings, but they're the newer BLT McMuffin variety

Sous vide egg bites at Starbucks are a healthier alternative. Pretty decent product actually. To be honest, I like almost all the breakfast sandwich offerings out there.

Ihop is my top choice ..
The wife likes waffle house but I find the quality too inconsistent.
The Denny's here is ok too but only if you have nowhere to go because its slow not only to get seated but even after you order your still waiting at least a half hour to get your food

Drive-thrus are forbidden in my cars and trucks.
But for fast food breakfast stuff Whataburger does a good breakfast burrito.

We don't have an IHOP in Regina, don't know why. Wish we did. Always a great experience.

I would say that the Denny's experience depends on locate. Not the same at "our" Denny's

Used to go to The Pancake House in WPG in the 80's. Don't remember much about it except we had a good impression of it.

Ya I knew they couldn't all be like that.

Breakfasts are my favorite go out meal of the day actually especially if I can swing in about 10 AM

Like to go alone. With a newspaper and endless pot of coffee.

There are a few independent ones out here that are terrific. More expensive but well worth it in my book. Real bread toasted and REAL potatoes, farm fresh eggs and sausages that you just can't find anywhere. My fav place only does breakfasts and closes at 3. Just don't go on weekends... Just packed. I don't do food lineups.
Great name too, "Hello Toast".

Most golf course restys serve really good breakfast as well I find. When on the road I will often find the golf course and try it out. Something nice sitting in a strange town looking out at a fairway eating breakfast,

For chains I like White Spots. I like counters and booths. Much better than a table andchairs imo.

Whenever I'm in the States, I like to go to Bob Evan's for breakfast.

A new place here that I found is called Sunset Grill. Great food.

Sorry, but I'm at the opposite end of the scale... I HATE McGriddles... yrs ago, I was temporarily commuting between Regina & Moose Jaw(the stories I could tell)... I stopped at a McDs by the Walmart in East Regina, and ordered 3 sausage and egg McMuffins... I got 3 McGriddles instead, and I hated them! I did eat two, but not the 3rd... the cooked syrup in the McGriddle was gross to the taste and never ate them again... I was on the highway, so I wasn't going to go back and bitch. Now, I just make my own breakfast sandwiches.

To me , Mcdonalds is always a last resort. Besides, they can't even get the spelling of their own name right. :wink:

I used to work out of town; whether I stopped at A&W (bacon 'n' egger) or at McDonald's (sausage mcmuffin) depended on which side of town I was exiting . Never take the drive thru anymore.

Sambo...If you know Moose Jaw-I had a GREAT pizza there awhile back but can't remember the name of the place. Looked like a MomnPop place. Does that ring a bell? Downtown area I think.

There are 2 downtown pizza places now... Houston's &the Mad Greek... there was a Western Pizza but now its a rib place, don't go there much. South Hill has a place called Rodo's, if that rings a bell.

IIRC Rodo's was pretty good.
The Chimney in Regina used to be great, I haven't been back there for years. Western and Houston are always good. Trifons too.

Thanks. Yeah it was Rodo's. I thought now THAT's a good pizza.

There used to be 3 locations in Moose Jaw... one on South Hill, downtown and on the Trans-Canada towards Swift Current... the only location left is the one on the South side of town. Its not hard to locate. Its 9th Ave SW... its one of only two roads that run through the entire town. They really don't serve breakfast though... but there are plenty of places in this city to go for a good cheap breakfast.

Think this clip from the movie Lethal Weapon 2 is relevant to the topic.

Warning : language

Always walk up to the counter.