Brazzell's Fizzle

Anyone seen Chris "razzle dazzle" Brazzell's stats from the the Winnipeg LOSS? 1 play 1 yard, whew and to think that Hamilton fans were worried when we gave him away. Well lo and behold he's back to playing SB, guess he not a "natural WR' as he thought he was. Sounds like Craig Yeast syndrome in the 'Peg. You can have him and all the baggage that goes along with him. Sorry but 33 catches for 491 yards and 5 TDs is not Steegal territory. gimme DJ,Brock or Terry any day.

anyone notice winnipeg had brazzel playing the same position the ticats tryed to get him to play....brazzel cannot play that position.

Gimmie KAMAU anyday...

yea i said it :wink:

Its not about the sizzle but the steak. Some of these guys read their own press stories and it goes to their heads. His best years, which were not that great, are behind him.