Brazzell not bad.......

Chris Brazzell ......
Not a bad receiver ......he made some hellicious catches the last game....I went back on the internet & reviewed one of his catches and some of the catches were really great receptions....I played one reception several times & still don't know how he held on to it......not a bad trade for Winnipeg.....keep on keeping on Chris.....Will be watching the team....Best of luck.....Go Bombers....

Yup, CB has been terrific since coming over from the Cats, I still cant believe they let him go for Tapau...just glad they did though.

Razzle Dazzle Brazzell....has to be the steal of the year.....we traded an NI. in Peterson. for an import.....but boy did we ever get a deal....our guy Chris can actually catch... :lol:

I remember his days in Edmonton. If he picks up from then, you guys will have the steal of the century, Uh well maybe not century, the steal since Fleming!

Chris Brazzell. Enough said.

It's good that we finally get someone who can meet their hype.

its because he has the magic number i tell you! 84! :smiley:

You Bombers seem to have gotten on the much better end of that deal. Peterson hasnt done nearly as much for my Tabbies. As Brazzell as done for you. Maybe Petersons time is still going to come :wink:

Brazzel is the man of the year, he's doin what Stegall should be doing even though Stegalls nice old and ripe.