Brazzell finished?

It’s unfair to pin a loss just on one guy but Chris Brazzell played a terrible game today. Honestly I think he was responsible for both interceptions, one of which was returned for a TD. I think this guy may be done here in Winnipeg.

Westwood was awful too, though I’m sure he’ll be playing next game. Anyway good game Toronto.

…put Westwood out to pasture…Brazells days could be numbered… :roll:

we desperately need a new kicker, im fed up with troys crappiness, and pikulas weak leg

Westwood could almost be blamed for the kick return TD, the kickoff was pretty much a low line drive, when that happens the special team coverage can't get to the returner in good time after he catches the ball which allows for blocks to be set up more easily.

ya, and as for brazzell, i sure hope hes gone after the season... all he does is waste cap room. we could put that money towards another good DB in the off season

In my opinion Stoddard should have started as receiver instead of Brazzel, not as much speed, but more reliable hands.

Brazell's a poser in the same mold as Kamau was.

So Edmonton will get him and suddenly he will be a great(good) receiver?

I saw no point to having Brazzell on the roster in training camp, and still don't.

You'd think that after being scratched for 5 straight weeks, you'd have some fire to show what you can do. Well, he sure showed!

lol.. looks like the love-in for Brazzell is finally over...

I was never really a big supporter of Brazzel.

Big mistake calling his number so often in the first half and overall a real crappy game plan in general. It almost looked like the Bombers were experimenting with some different things this game.

Thats an understatement! WARNING EXCuse was used~!

The interception that was picked off and returned for a touchdown was tipped at the line. Because of that, it fluttered and gave the defender that extra second to jump on it and take it to the house. It wasn't Brazzell's fault.

I'll admit, he didn't have a great game, but come on, the guy has been sitting for 5 games. You'd have to expect a little bit of rust.

In the end, Brazzell is NOT why we lost the game.

Yes, I saw the tip as well.

Pigseye it looks like they were experimenting with going out partying the night before

Or what if we only play half the game thats it.