Brazzel Released?? Hm... what if..

"In other Bomber news, the team announced that import receiver Chris Brazzell has been released."

now its bin a few years but i mean this team has turned around alot since he was here. what if having him back here with a new QB,OC,HC and GM would make a differnce? i think it would be worth a look hes always been a good receiver when given the chance..

any thoughts?

No thanks He burned his Bridge

Brazell was a dud and always will be. Too much height and not enoght talent or guts. Please lets move on.

We could not get him out of town fast enough 3 years ago.

He is not better now than he was 3 years ago.
I say NO WAY!

He left B.C because he didn't like playing with Printers, no chance he comes here.

No thanks,

I'd be interested in Trevor Gaylor tho. Big receiver, with speed, lots of experience, good number. May have had the dropsies but that can all be corrected.


Signing Brazzell was a huge Ron Lancaster mistake. By doing so, Lancaster cheesed off every Ticat receiver (especially Craig Yeast), and created a locker room full of hate.

Lancaster has made some doozies, hasn't he? I was just looking at the free agent list, and saw Tony Miles' last name. Remember when Miles, in his prime, was traded by Lancaster to Toronto for "diminished skills" Joe Montford, for Joe's second tour of duty in Hamilton? Ron, what were you thinking?

Zontar, Crash, I'll take this one for you. If anybody has two neurons to rub together to create a synapse, you will remember that, at the time, the team was going bankrupt, and Lancaster had to do anything he could to keep the team as competitive as possible, with the lowest-priced contracts possible.


For crying out loud, it truly pi$$e$ me off that a number of ignorant so-called "fans" blame all the Tiger-Cats woes on Ron Lancaster.

What's one more agenda on the pile?

Tisk Tisk Agenda time.

Cheesing off Craig Yeast, that was hard, he was never mad and always was the best teammate. Plus he was a star, never dropped balls or anything. At least Brazzell was still in the league this past season, There is a reason Yeast isnt, and its mostly his attitude.

Miles was young and usually young isnt prime, but Montford was one year removed from his first cats run when he was a force, and when he came back he played very well in 03 and 04. Miles has been hurt on and off every season since. Im not saying hes a bad player, he is good, but its not like the trade is the worst in the history of the franchise.....DJ Flick and Wayne Smith for Rocky Butler, Now thats bad.

I have mentioned on this board, time and time again when Lancaster has been bashed for 03-04, that we would love him back in edmonton, with him here we never missed the playoffs and always had a home playoff game and we were good. A 1-17 season when a team thats originally owners wouldnt let him spend money, and then that same team gets taken over by the league due to bankrupcy, and spot duty for a team that he had nothing to do with building in 06, is no way to judge a great coach like Lancaster. But yes sackattack keep thinking that Lancaster is the downfall of the enitre organization, like this past season that was all him, he ruined the cats by being on the business side and going to banquets. Huge Problem.